Great Bpc Vanilla Upgrade

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Hi guys, 


     This is my first time actually posting a topic here, but I believe I've found a trick that will vastly improve your morning coffee. I'm a big fan of vanilla flavor, but unfortunately I've only really been able to achieve great vanilla flavor in my coffee with Vanilla products that are mostly clean, but have some bad additives - VanillaMax never really gave me a great flavor without adding a significant amount. 


    I recently went to one of the best restaurants in my state (Minnesota) where they made a salad with "vanilla oil." I asked the chef how he made this oil as it had great flavor, and he explained that he seeped vanilla beans inside a jar of olive oil for around two weeks until it had absorbed most of the flavor from the beans - similar to how vanilla extract is made minus the alcohol. 


    This got me thinking, and as I had some extra Organic Vanilla beans laying around - I attempted this same feat, but with MCT oil instead. To my surprise, the oil turned out fantastic and had a great flavor. I split the beans open and scrapped out the seeds inside which I added directly to the oil, then I tossed in the split beans to soak. I used an old olive oil container for this, and let it sit for two weeks before attempting to use it in my coffee. I have to say that this is my new favorite trick, and I believe one of the best ways to get a good vanilla flavor in your morning coffee. I attached some photos so you can see the vessel I used to incubate the oil as well as what it looked like after two weeks. The previously colorless MCT oil has become yellow with vanilla flavor and smells fantastic. It also has some of the vanilla seeds suspended in it which is great. 


I hope this helps some of you add some more healthy flavor to your morning coffee, and if you try it, let me know what you think!





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