Advice On Megadosing Several Minerals At Different Meals To Avoid Competing For Absorption

Because I am taking large doses of: Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Molybdenum and Lithium, how to arrange the pills for meals during the day so they don't compete for absorption?


Given that I only eat 3 meals a day, sometimes two, one of which is Bulletproof Coffee, second a big dinner in the afternoon, and something small for supper (small fish, soup, or just fruits), when to take what?


Magnesium Glycinate 3 x 100 mg pills - one pill at each meal, or all of them at once?

I am also adding now Calm Magnesium Citrate and Thorne Citramate, as so to slowly up my total Magnesium intake to 800-1000 mg a day for some time, as I don't feel like 300 mg is gonna fix my deficiencies, so if I take 350 mg from CALM, and extra 135 mg Citramate, that's 785 mg total - how to spread that during the day, so not to block the Zinc and other things, and not get toilet runs? I already got one just now, first time in a long time, when I took the Thorne Citramate 135 mg pill for the first time, at dinner, together with 200 mg Glycinate.


Zinc - 20 mg Opti-Zinc, plus today I am adding 15 mg Picolinate, and will add another 15 mg Picolinate pill after some time, for 50 mg total Zinc. At which meals to take these for best effects? Split or separate from Magnesium?


Iodine - megadosing Iodoral 12.5 mg tablets, taking 2 right now, will go slowly up to 4 tablets, 50 mg - split or separate from other minerals?


200 mg Selenium - probably at the same meal as Iodine? Besides that I am also eating 2 organic Brazil nuts a day as I am taking so much Iodine, not sure what the Selenium/Iodine ratio should be?


Molybdenum Glycinate 1 mg - any problems with competing? Its all in one pill, so which meal?


Lithium Orotate 5 mg - one pill, so which meal to choose?


These all should be taken in the middle of a meal for best results, yes?

Any other advice on putting this stack together, and also vitamins B1, Folate, B6, will they block something? Someone wrote somewhere that B1 is an antagonist of iodine, magnesium (among others), maybe I should quit the 200 mg Thiamine for some time?

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