Bulletproof Creamer?

Any cooks out there experiment with making creamer with gf butter and MCT oil? I have not tried it yet, but I'm thinking about it. The idea would be to emulsify the butter with a little hot water (in the classical beurre monté style), adding in MCT oil and possibly some extra emulsifying ingredient? You could then just pour it in the coffee just like cream. The advantage would be that you would be doing the blending once instead of 7+ times, if you make it once a week. I believe you'd retain all the advantages of blended BP coffee, but maybe I'm wrong.


  • sparefilmssparefilms Post-human Construct ✭✭✭

    Extra emulsifying ingredient? Pastured egg yolks!


    It would not gain the perfect super special teeny tiny fat globules but it sounds like it would work. I wonder if there would be issues with thickening or solidification of the butter portion when left in the fridge? I've watched my coffee separate as it sits to cool, which is why I usually dump it in a blender bottle fr shake-ability. 

  • I just saw this response. Yeah, pastured egg yolks is a great idea. I'm doing a little protein in my coffee anyway. i don't think the butter would solidify unless it became separated (which would then be a fail). Basically we're talking about something similar to hollandaise sauce. It would get thicker in the fridge, but not hard. The only thing about the yolk is that it could go bad quickly without something acidic (like lemon or vinegar that you'd use for mayonnaise, for example). Maybe this idea is not worth the trouble. I'll post if i end up trying it!

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