Bulletproof Doctor Uk?

Does anyone have any recommendations for potential bulletproof doctors with practices in the UK? 


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    what do you mean by Bulletproof Doctors?


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  • Doctors with a bulletproof mindset, such as the ones listed on this page https://www.bulletproofexec.com/bulletproof-doctor/


    Doctors who associate themselves with things like integrative medicine' 'holistic' 'functional medicine' etc.


    I'm willing to spend some money on a private doctor since NHS doctors don't seem very receptive to the idea of 'optimising health'. 

  • It would also be great if I could find a doctor who has a background in lifting/powerlifting or is at least empathetic to clients trying to get stronger/bigger. 

  • Just thought i'd bump this to see since the thread was created if anyone has any leads for good functional doctors in the UK. I've exhausted any routes the NHS can offer so it's time to lay down some cash. There's a few directorys but most seem to point to nutritional doctors. 

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    Hi - yes i have found a functional doctor based in London, who is an MD and NHS registered, but also runs a private functional medicine consultancy in London. Prices are expensive, however, she practices functional medicine and as she is registered MD, can therefore prescribe medication like hormones, antibiotics as and where necessary where as nutritionists would have to rely on herbals.


    i have used her consultancy a few times and highly recommend her, and she even does her own bulletproof coffee for breakfast - not sure whether its full on BPC but she said she gets her patients to put butter and coconut oil in there coffee :)



  • Nice one thanks for that. she certainly is expensive! it's good to have a positive testimonial for someone though. I'll get in touch with her. 

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    No problem and i happy to answer any questions if you have any. Although i have only made about 15 posts or so, i have been bulletproofing since 2010/2011 - since his original site and before he sold the beans so have learnt a hell of a lot and put me in a position where i knew what i wanted from the doctor rather than just going and saying "im tired blah blah". ive found the NHS can be used well to get a lot of feedback, e.g. there are many blood tests you can get from GPs, just have to be assertive (and sometimes embalish the truth a little), but the more in depth stuff like food intolerances etc you have to pay for yourself. another site i use a lot is:




    they offer a lot of functional tests that you can order online, and usually delivered to your home, and dont need a consultation with anyone - just get the results.

  • I've had a number of tests done of the past year or so through the NHS and they have offered extensive blood tests but each one has always come back as fine apart from high cholesterol so they've always been stumped as to what has been causing my issues. That site above looks pretty extensive in terms of home tests available but i don't really know where to start right now! i'll touch base with a functional doctor first so i know where to begin but that's a fantastic tool for follow up home testing.  

  • Ok so i've been chatting with a FD and we've drawn up a plan to get a good picture of what's going on. He's suggested i get the 4 following tests done, he was going to use a US based lab but i've suggested using the site above, have you done any of these? if so any tips on how to get the clearest results etc would be handy.

    Adrenal Stress Test - http://www.smartnutrition.co.uk/health-tests/adrenal-stress-test/
    Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance Test-  http://www.smartnutrition.co.uk/health-tests/metabolic-syndrome-insulin-resistance/
    Intestinal Permeability Test-  http://www.smartnutrition.co.uk/ibs-gut-disorder-clinics/digestive-testing/leaky-gut/
    Comprehensive stool test – http://www.smartnutrition.co.uk/ibs-gut-disorder-clinics/digestive-testing/gi-effect-microbiology/ 

  • Have you ever gotten a print out and tried to analyse these NHS tests yourself? I did, had low white blood cells and liver problems atm. When I went to ask GP he blatantly lied to me said everything is ok.
  • I hope you do understand that there is no such thing as 'high colesterol'. Maybe use Google for free before you spend all that money.

  • I hope you do understand that there is no such thing as 'high colesterol'. Maybe use Google for free before you spend all that money.

    I'm not getting these tests done because of cholesterol don't worry. These are based on my savage adrenal fatigue, migraines and gut issues with possible toxic mold exposure all thrown in for good measure!

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    Apologies for late reply. I bought the Intestinal test but never did it and the test expired so cant particulary comment but i am pretty sure i had leaky gut. The other three i have done, and they do show a good overall picture, for example something might be completetly out of reference range however if they all look normal then it can be hard. My stool sample showed 0 for lacto species however pretty much all probiotics are a waste as they are digested in the wrong place (stomach, small intestine etc). I tried all the main known ones e.g. VSL3, prescript, primal defense etc but the only one that has really made a huge difference is Elixa - it is also manufactured in the UK.


    Last year i did a lot of blood tests through the NHS - thyroid, liver etc, and worked on ones where the ranges were off. I was pretty assertive with the doctor and said i just want the results not a consultation, these guys know what a thyroid is and what bacteria is etc but they dont seem to know how they should all work together and that a result somewhere could mean another issue two or three levels away. My liver and total cholestorol were out of range, and this brought me to choline deficiency and also 23andme genetic issues with MTFHR. These are more or less fixed now.


    I did the adrenal stress, but i had a coffee that morning as i wanted to see my response for a normal day but the pack suggests no caffeine. Ideally i'd do two tests - one without and one with. My cortisol was on the floor (years of working in investment banks, late nights, partying, and serious infection last year) so the functional doctor put me on 30mg pregnenolone which has overall been good but some side effects.


    I see a lot of posts about people on FODMAP diets, and i was on one for a long time. While it removed the symtpons it will not cure the underlying issue. People can be on FODMAP diets for years but never truly fix the underlying cause - usually bacterial imbalance. You should be able to eat FODMAPS (unless you have a true intolerance/allergy, not excess histamine/undigested food caused by low/bad bacteria). I can now eat 50grams raw banana flour, onions, avocado etc and more or less feel fine.


    Do the tests, see whats off and work on those but i HIGHLY recommend the Exlia probiotics!

  • Chris Kresser is in London at the end of the month giving a talk to physicians and to consumers. You'll find a lot of relevant physicians at that seminar.

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  • Thanks Percentum. Still waiting for my test kits to turn up but think i'll opt for a zero caffeine adrenal test to begin with. I've been advised to stay clear of any probiotics and whey powders until after the tests have taken place but i'll note down the Exlia one for sure.


    For the time being i got another standard NHS test done and my thyroid showed it was fine at 2.68 mu/L. I got the following that showed to be out of the recommended ranges so if anyone has any feedback it'd be appreciated! This wasn't a fasted test.I used to supplement with a B Complex and now just get B12 from the Life Extension Two Per Day capsules so i expect the high B12 to go down eventually. 



    Serum C reactive protein level 0.2 mg/L < Normal Range:  0 - 4.9mg/L

    Serum calcium 2.44 mmol/L N/A

    (Liver function) Serum albumin 49 g/L Normal Range: 35 - 50g/L

    (Liver function) Serum ALT level 64 iu/L Abnormal result Normal Range: 0 - 55iu/L

    Haematocrit 0.51 Abnormal result Normal Range: 0.41 - .51

    Red blood cell (RBC) count 5.96 10*12/L Abnormal result Normal Range: 4.5 - 5.910*12/L

    Eosinophil count 0.68 10*9/L Abnormal result Normal Range: 0.02 - .410*9/L

    Serum vitamin B12 1284 ng/L Abnormal result Normal Range: 197 - 866ng/L

    Serum cholesterol 9.4 mmol/L Abnormal result Normal Range: 0 - 5mmol/L

    Serum triglycerides 0.9 mmol/L Normal Range: 0 - 1.5mmol/

    Serum triglycerides 0.9 mmol/L Normal Range: 0 - 1.5mmol/

    Serum HDL cholesterol level 1.17 mmol/L

    Serum LDL cholesterol level 7.8 mmol/L Abnormal result


  • yeah that cholesterol level looks pretty high along with the liver enzyemes. c reactive seems ok so looks like sign of a fatty liver? obviously finding the cause is tough but what has your diet and lifestyle been like? Have you had a recent infection and antibiotics? whats your dietary ratio of cholesterol/sat fat to choline like (i.e. do you eat much egg yolks and liver)? do you drink much? sometimes fatty liver can be a cause of adrenal issues as the cholesterol isnt being converted to cortisol. seems the obvious place to start due to those results, so could try supplementing with some choline for a while? i put some sunflower lecithin in my bulletproof coffee, which also helps to emulsify the ghee.

  • Well i've had a very minor course of antibiotics after eye surgery, this was just a gel that went into the eye for a week. Diet is pretty spot on, occasional horrid day loaded with charcoal to counteract. Lifestyle is either sedentary at my office job or on tour playing shows every night for a month solid, no sleep and getting ill the whole time. My last tour i got food poisoning along with a few others, they recovered after a few days but i was a write off for about 2 weeks after.  

    I have the BP Choline Force but only take them a few times a week. I have eggs maybe 1-3 times a week, always have the yolk. I trialled liver but just couldn't hack it, that was over 3-4 months ago. I've not drank since new years eve but a few years ago i was drinking a fair amount, there could be some residual issues from there. I've still got my statins sitting in my cupboard waiting for me, i don't want to start on them but may have to. I do have BPC with 60ish grams of butter each morning but tend to have carbs most days too so it's likely my carb/fat ratios are just too much. Due to my crushing fatigue i've not really exercised for a good month so that will likely contribute too. I'm off on tour in a few weeks so that'll be 6 weeks not doing BPC so i may well see a change slightly. 

  • So i got some labs back and sure enough, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. I sent a GI Pathogen kit too but it got lost in customs and it's a ball ache getting more sent so i'm looking for a good UK based kit to do. I'm tempted to try and blag one on the NHS first if anyone has any tips on that?

  • I send stool specimens from UK to US all the time and have never had anything stopped.


    Are you using a good shipper like FEDEX? And attaching a commercial invoice for customs to process?

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  • I've been using an Australian company called Nutripath. The saliva/urine samples got through fine, they just took exception to turds.


    Which US company do you use? shall have to get in touch with them.

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