Dr. Ibrahim Karim (#235)

I found Dr. Karim's concept of biogeometry to be ridiculous, and he did nothing to dispel that during the course of this podcast.


Dave, thanks for questioning his specious claims, but I think you should have called bullshit a little louder. 


I beg you not to give pseudoscience a sheltered platform on your podcast, as it undermines the credibility of your science-based approach.


We need to sometimes look on the fringes to find new science. However, the extraordinary claims of Dr. Karim need extraordinary evidence. He has no peer-reviewed published studies on his website. There is only ripoff products, and unsubstantiated claims.


  • I, too, am very skeptical of the good doctor's claims but his claims are attractive.  He cites much anecdotal proof and I actually have been able to find various news articles in Europe which appear to corroborate his stories of the mediation of RF polution.


    He claims to have a scientific study on the cure of Hepatitis in Egypt.


    Has anyone dug deeper?

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