Everywhere I've looked on the website relative to foods which are acceptable and those that become less and less acceptable do not mention anything about mushrooms.

A cup of whole mushrooms (white button mushrooms) contain 3.1 carbs and sliced and sautéed on clarified butter and put on top of a grass fed steak sound wonderful.

Does anyone know if mushrooms are an acceptable food? I read somewhere within the forums about something relative to Reishi (inedible - except for making tea or used

medicinally in powder / capsules) and shittake but both were mentioned as a medicine for medicinal purposes .

What about simple plain white button mushrooms?


  •  Its not particularly BP, but it is delicious. There are certainly worse things to eat :shug:

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  • On page 160 of Dave's book he lists mushrooms as "kryptonite". This is what he says: "White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) contain p-hydrazinobenzoic acid, which is implicated in smooth vascular cell proliferation, which is part of how your blood vessels remodel themselves after injury. This is a sign of muscular injury and is not a positive thing for vascular health." He also says that they encourage the growth of yeast in the body. 


    :( I was super sad to read this and give up mushrooms because they taste so good! 


    Reishi can be used medicinally but the book suggests to see an herbalist if you want to do this.


    Maybe if we take coconut charcoal after having them....

  • sparefilmssparefilms Post-human Construct ✭✭✭

    Meh. Portobello > kryptonite.



    I wonder if Dave licensed the use of the word kryptonite in that context from DC Comics, anyone know?

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