Lets Make A List Of Supplements Which Should Be Taken On Empty Stomach

I take about 20 different supplements, more are coming, and I have trouble deciding which ones should be taken with food, in the middle of a meal, and which ones on empty stomach.


I thought that with some special exceptions, most supplements are absorbed better with food, so I was just taking everything with food, as I didn't yet find time to research the optimal method for each supplement separately.


Now I read that Magnesium Citrate is better absorbed taken on empty stomach. There is contradicting advice on taking zinc - from "never take it on empty stomach" to "best absorbed taken away from food".


Can we make a big guide here in this thread, specifically about timing of supplements in relation to food. What should be taken in the middle of a meal, what on empty stomach, and what in some other special timing optimizations. This is rarely mentioned when reading supplement recommendations, and it can be very important.


So if you have knowledge about food-relation-timing of any supplement, mineral or other, please post a detailed explanation here, with source of that information (even if the source is your own n=1 experiment). Opinions without sources are not worth very much.


  • Magnesium Citrate is difficult when to take. Magnesium is relaxing, but Citrate is usually stimulating... so take it in the evening or in the morning? I don't know.

  • Great thread idea. I was wondering this morning if I can take oxoloacetate on an empty stomach.

    From personal experience, I never take zinc or anything containing zinc on an empty stomach because it cause horrendous nausea.

    I always take iron and l- carnitine on an empty stomach.

    Iron must be taken away from calcium and thyroid hormones and also black tea, so I find it best to take in the morning first thing. I only take it occasionally.

    At night I take calcium, magnesium, cod liver oil, an eye health capsule, curcumin, k2, vit D, selenium alternating with iodine and these are all on an empty stomach and I have no problems.

    Would love to hear what other people take and when.
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    Except amino acids and magnesium/potassium, I take everything with food/fat. 

    I am curious about the best time to take probiotics...

  • BMK - would fat-soluble vitamins like D3 and K2 not be better taken with food? Similarly I believe curcumin is more bio-available when taken with fats.

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the tips. The reason I take the D3 and K2 at night is because they're in a multi called Bone Restore by Life Extension. It also contains calcium and magnesium. I agree they would be better with fat-containing food.

    I had a bone density test done last year cos I haven't eaten dairy for 20 years and it came back as osteopenia, ie some bone loss, hence the supplement.

    I'll change the curcumin to during the day with food. Thanks. :)
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