High Cholesterol? Consider Sterol Testing

It seems like it's a fairly common phenomenon for people who go bulletproof, lowcarb, or keto to develop high cholesterol... I've read in a few places that approximately 30% can develop this (30% get lower cholesterol, and 30% stay the same).


I'm one of the 30% with the previously normal cholesterol that is now high... and have been trying to figure out what the heck is going on. 


One of the things I came across was 'sterol testing.'  And in order to learn more I watched a bunch of lectures on it put out by Dr. Dayspring, for free.  And I took some notes.




Just wanted to share them with you all since I know there are a few folks on here that are also reporting alarmingly high LDLs.


I got my sterol markers tested and will get around to posting and analyzing the results in a bit...


hope this helps!

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