Lyme Disease

Anyone had it? I've had some troubling symptoms as of late and am seeing a naturopath tomorrow for some private lab testing. If anyone has any experience or insight it'd be much appreciated



  • Yep! Happy to answer any questions here or in a private message - what specific questions do you have? What kind of info are you hoping to gather on this thread?

  • My wife and kids have it. 


    Its a very complicated treatment, so I am glad to hear that you are involving someone else. Don't try to go alone. 


    I'd be curious to your treatment plan after you receive testing results (Lyme, co-infections).


    My one recommendation: pay close attention to your body's ability to detox. Make sure that you are detoxing well prior to treatment. I am sure that your Naturopath will know this though.

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    thanks guys.

    Seeing ND today and getting Igenex testing. Have had symptoms for about a year but in the past month they've become unbearable. Haven't been able to work, etc. Starting to get numbness in both arms and legs, and in my face.

    I'm thinking of going back to my GP after I see my ND. Should I demand antibiotics prior to getting my test results? This can't wait..

    Also:  I notice I had a flare when I took an herb called Andrographis. I wasn't thinking I had Lyme when I took it but it really set things off. I've read it's been known to trigger Lyme activity. If anyone knows anything about which herbs do what, and how to tell, it'd be appreciated.

  • Wait until you see the ND. 


    The GP will give you very different opinions about Lyme. We had a HORRIBLE experience with GP's and Lyme. it was a nightmare.


    If things get really bad, perhaps you should find an LLMD in your area. WHere are you located?

  • I'm in Toronto.

  • re: detoxing... I had a reaction last week when I took andrographis, which is known to cause a reaction in Lyme sufferers. How does one measure their detox capacity exactly? Complicating matters is I've had an Epstein Barr infection and a sleep disorder preventing me from getting quality sleep, so my immune system isn't the greatest.

  • I am not sure of a way to measure detox. Personal awareness has come with time.


    I would assume that if you are doing nothing to detox currently, then you are at a baseline...?


    Not trying to be rude, but you sound like a poster child of Lyme Disease. I can say this because my wife was one.

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    Not trying to be rude, but you sound like a poster child of Lyme Disease. I can say this because my wife was one.


    Not offended whatsoever, but what makes you say that?

    Here is a list of symptoms that may or may not be related:

    - sleep disorder since mid 2012, had been manageable using melatonin; as of a month ago the melatonin no longer works, and actually seems to make the insomnia worse

    - loss of collagen in skin and joints since mid 2014: loss of flexibility, loose skin, slow healing wounds

    - general malaise and fatigue since 2012, manageable along with my sleep disorder, but has gotten progressively worse since mid 2014

    - bouts/flareups of all symptoms that have been happening every couple months since mid 2014: has gotten progressively worse in the past month or two, and now I'm stuck in one unending flareup

    - frequent urination/weight loss during flareups

    - tinnitus, ringing in my ears the past 10 days that isn't going away

    - cracking joints in the past couple months

    - strong reaction to herbs known to kill Lyme bacteria and/or stimulate the immune system

    - numbness in my face and neck

    - odd sensations in my arms and legs

    - gradual weakening of my voice/hoarseness

    EDIT: and memory problems as well :/

  • I started a Facebook group called "lyme disease self help". I've been sharing what I'm learning, sadly the other members don't share much info but I do and will continue to research and post my personal results. It's a hellacious disease. I've had it for 20+years I suspect, 7 with severe symptoms, glad to hear your using Igenex for testing.
  • does anyone know if there's any chance of a false negative with Igenex?

  • In my experience, yes. 


    Of the three LLMD's I have experience with, all three set low expectations on the Igenex testing... and of ANY Lyme Testing.


    Much of the diagnosis with clinical.


    This is one of the main reasons why I tell any person to visit an LLMD or a practitioner who has extensive experience working with Lyme patients.

  • Dave mentions in a couple pod casts that he also had Lyme along with the mold issues. He never really talks about what he did for it though. Have I just missed it somehow? Anyone know of a podcast where Dave reviews what he did?

    Bryan Rosner has a great book, Freedom from Lyme Disease, New treatments for a full recovery. He also has a blog with new updates but charges a small yearly fee to access.
  • I also am looking for any information about Dave's protocol for Lyme as I have been unable to find any post or podcast about it.

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    I also am looking for any information about Dave's protocol for Lyme as I have been unable to find any post or podcast about it.


    you wont find anything about it.


    I dont think he ever had it or had a chronic case.


    If i came across a treatment protocol that completely cured my wife and children's Lyme, I would be (like countless others) writing books and making websites...

  • I am new.....but have had chronic Lyme for at least 7 years...I've taken the IV antibiotics which imho saved me. I was bed ridden...and with 5 kids that was husband actually took off so much work he was was at home more than work and after 2 years of that - he retired because it was no longer worth the hassle at work. I started reading BPD because I was curious of more opinions on the low-carb keto style diets (and I like the BP coffee - but I use cheap coffee).

    There is no answer - there is no "this will work"....I am HOPING that brain octane will help me regain some of my normal brain functions because sometimes talking is just too much - my brain can't filter out what I want to say.

    I have found that a Ketogenic diet helps - probably having to do with the inflammation. I have tried ALL diets & continually use myself as my own guinea pig....I think it's driving my husband nuts - lol...

    You will know if something is working - you will be worse before you get better. I just had another round of antibiotics and the herx reactions put me in bed for 2 days.

    Feel free to contact me :). It's hard to explain Lyme to people who just don't understand.

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