I Share My Great Blood Test Spreadsheet - To Compare, Comment, Contribute, Reuse

For those who like bloodwork numbers, I'm making public for the forum my great blood test spreadsheet. This was saved in LibreOffice Calc version, so if it looks funny in other software, then I am sorry.


You can make use of it in several ways:


1) Compare with your results if you are curious what the values could be.


2) Comment on my values, and suggest what might be good to improve and how. My results are in columns N to Y with the date of the test and name of the lab in the column header. These are from 2005 till 2015. I was eating mostly cheap pasta and sugar, little meat, till 2012-04-01 when I dramatically changed my diet to clean Paleo, organic vegetables, lots of fish and meat, increasing the daily food budget 7 times overnight. Please help me get ideas why some parameters got worse after 2013 (Zinc, Iron). I also have high ApoB, highish SHBG, high DHEA-S and highish Estradiol. My blood MPV (Mean platelet volume) significantly decreased to below range since switching to Paleo (you can see the value going down more and more each year). Seems worrying, as its decrease is confirmed by several measurements, and it was perfect before for all years pre-Paleo. What is going on?


3) In columns J and L is the narrowest reference range of all the labs I used. The values which are out of lab reference range (or borderline) are in red font. In column M is the most optimal value (or a much narrower range) which is deemed most optimal by some practitioners texts online. If you have any suggestions on improving that column, please tell me and I will update it in the next version. The reason for that column is that lab reference ranges are usually meant to show when someone is sick, but if someone is not sick from a "normal doctor" perspective, it doesn't mean that its optimum, and we here don't just want to be sick, we want to be bulletproof, right? So lets find the narrower reference ranges which are super-optimal.


4) Get ideas of which tests to do yourself, and suggest back to me other tests that I haven't done yet. In column AC I've put a "1" if I plan to do the test next time and "0" if I don't plan to do it. This is based both on the usefulness of the test and the cost. The lowest cost I was able to find is in column AE. If there are any tests I marked "0" and you think are worth doing for the price - please tell me, same if I have "1" in a useless test.


I plan to do the tests yearly, so please help me decide which are worth the money to redo every year to track my Bulletproofing progress. The total cost of all what I want to do yearly is now 782 USD, its a bit much, so please help me decide what is most useless (in relation the the price) to kick out of the list. CALC means the value is calculated from other values, so it doesn't cost anything, and INCL means the price is included in the price of another test.


5) You can reuse the whole spreadsheet for analyzing your data, by deleting my results and filling in yours.


6) You can see what are the prices of each test in labs in Poland, as it may be worthwhile to make some medical tourism if you want to make a lot of tests and you are from Europe. For example a standard vitamin D 25(OH)D test is 13 USD / 9 GBP, which makes the prices for that test I've seen in US and UK look ridiculous (47 USD at LifeExtension). But the less common tests can be more expensive or even unavailable in Poland.


In column AA I mark with a "1" which tests are in the WellnessFx premium package for 988 USD, and in you can sum up on column Z to see what would be the price of all tests in the package when done in Poland. Its now total 300 USD, but it lacks just 4 tests (LDL particle number and size, Lp-PLA2, Omega-3 Fatty Acids) because I wasn't able to find them in Poland yet.


The price can be lowered even further, as I haven't put the rates at some lower priced labs yet. But you see that if you want to do the whole premium set your savings (compared to WellnessFx price) are about 440 GBP/620 EUR, minus cost of a return flight, which can be way under 100 EUR from Europe. No doctors orders is necessary, and most don't require and appointment (except more rare ones, or those which require multiple draws or special drawing procedures). These labs are usually walk-in, just print out the list of tests you want to do (in Polish - see column G), come at 7:30 AM (or earlier) and bring cash or credit card. In column headers AF to AJ are web domains of the labs with draw locations info. Most results (but with some exceptions) are available online.


7) In a separate sheet there is also a gram vs. mol conversion calculator template which you can use if the units are different on your test.


Lets make the ultimate blood test list and analyzing spreadsheet, with most optimal range listed! I will re-post an updated version from time to time.


It seems the forum doesn't allow me to attach ODS or any kind of spreadsheet files, so I've put it here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05443267168815763292


  • Love the idea, great work!


    Would you be able to make a google docs version?

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