Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef, Plus Fresh Fruit

I live in Ontario just a little north of Toronto and have been looking at ordering a half a cow to save money on my grass fed, grass finished meat.


I was buying grass fed meat from a butcher at the St. Lawrence market, but they told me there that it was impossible to get grass-finished meat in Canada because all cattle need to be sent to a feed lot for inspection... boy was I lied to. A little bit of online research and I have more options for grass-finished meat than I know how to choose from.


So all of my options include meat that is pastured its entire life and never fed even any organic grain, soy or corn. The ranchers handle slaughter and inspection themselves working with abertoires and butchers to ensure they never see a feed lot of any toxic foods.


I am still working through calling all the meat suppliers for details and pricing but will post a kind of guide for other ontarians to find grass fed meat once I am finished.


Here is my question:


one farm I spoke to includes fresh fruit in with the grass and hay the cows eat. I asked the farmer and he assured me they do NOT receive any soy, grains or corn and the reason he includes fruit is because of the flavour it adds to the meat. So I realize fruit is not the most bulletproof because of the high fructose and the insulin response, but it is definitely far from soy, grain and corn. But Cow's are ruminent animals whose bodies work completely different from ours, so is fruit even really bad for them? I realize fruits are not ruminents. Also the farmer specified that he is feeding his cattle fresh fruit so I don't see mold toxins being too big of an issue.


Do you guys think including fruit in the diet of the cows will have a negative health impact on the meat or the fat? How would the health benefits compare to a diet of 100% grass?


Thanks for reading.


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