Prolozone For Ankylosing Spondylitis And Ligament Laxity, Ozone Injections

I am experimenting with Prolozone injections around my Sacroiliac joints. A year ago the MRI showed partial bony bridging of the SIJs. However, some therapists are feeling more movement in these joints so I hope to reverse this. The joints are not normally painful, but after prolozone I have incredible stiffness and pain that severely restricts movement. 


My understanding is that this therapy is more commonly used for more traumatic musculoskeletal injuries or where there is chronic pain, which I do not have; Is the pain & stiffness which I am experiencing to be expected or an indication that therapy should stop?


I have a subluxing sternoclavicular joint which is being treated in the same session, but has not had any pain or stiffness after being injected.


I would appreciate any comments that others have on their experience of prolozone.


Please say what the problem was that you had treated, the immediate response and long term outcome.


Many Thanks,




  • I've had my knees done a few times (a month apart) and now don't need to tape my knees in place to play baseball!  Pain is gone and they feel almost as good as new. 

  • Thanks Parker. I appreciate your reply. What was wrong with your knees?

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