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Hi guys, I don't drink often these days and follow a very strick bulletproof diet and love it! I feel great. But I'm heading over to New Zealand for my bucks party next week with the boys, and I know there will be some serious drinking going on.

So I have bought some glutathione force and upgraded coconut charcaol, and I understand to hydrate as much as possible, but does anyone have any tips on when to use the glutathione and charcoal to get optimal results and minimise the hangovers?

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. Also your thoughts on how effective the glutathione force is?




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    My anti-hangover tips:


    • NAC (time released from Jarrow) before the drinking starts.
    • Upgraded Charcoal between the drinks
    • Water or coconut juice during and after the drinking to forecome dehydration
    • Extra vitamins (B-complex, E, C, thiamine)
    • Breakfast the day after: lots of fat and salt (eggs with bacon for example)
    • Stick with one kind of drink, so don't mix
    • Don't sleep too long; the longer you sleep, the more you dehydrate
    • Don't smoke


    And my mother's advice: drink a full glass of full-fat milk before drinking. (It works for me.)

    And not very BP, but it works: an isotonic sports drink before sleeping.

  • Greetings,

    Can someone explain why activated charcoal would be useful for preventing/remediating a hangover? Here's my logic.... what am I missing?

    1. Activated charcoal is not absorbed in the stomach. Therefore it's binding activity is limited to what's in the stomach and digestive system.

    2. The main culprit of hangovers is acetaldehyde, which is produced in the liver.

    3. How can it contribute or "upgrade" your drinking given points 1 and 2?

    Furthermore, an old study in Sweden from 1986 found that activated charcoal does not decrease plasma alcohol levels.
    Hultén, B.Å., Heath, A., Mellstrand, T., and Hedner, T. (1986). Does alcohol absorb to activated charcoal? Hum Toxicol 5, 211–212.


  • Idk how healthy it is, but I've mega dosed the glutathione right before sleeping to eliminate hangovers. That was when they sold the gel syringes though. Idk about doing that with the pills I assume u have.

    If you're going to drink beer, eating a packet of yeast beforehand would help prevent you from getting drunk and in turn help the hangover

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