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I've begun the Bulletproof RFLP outlined by Dave Asprey (still waiting on a couple supplements from Amazon though) and I have a question about the amount of Bulletproof coffee you're recommended to consume in the A.M.

The program outline says that you can "...Drink as much Bulletproof® Coffee as you like in the morning, subject to your caffeine tolerance...". 

The way that I currently make Bulletproof coffee is 16oz Upgraded coffee, 2Tbsp butter (grass-fed) and 1Tbsp Brain Octane; I love the taste BTW.  I drink this around 7-8am, but I'm finding that by around 11am I'm beginning to get hunger pangs and the next supplement of Bulletproof coffee, according to the plan, isn't until 1pm and only 500ml or less. 


My questions is that even though the regimen says I can drink as much Bulletproof coffee as I like in the morning, can this be split up throughout the hours of 7am - 1pm; something like drinking 16oz at 7am and another 16oz at 10 or 11am, or do I have to drink it all at the 7-8am time?


lol, I know I'm probably overthinking this, because really this is such an easy thing to follow, but I want to make sure I'm following the RFLP as its intended to be done.


Anyway, thanks in advance for any replies.


In case you're wondering below are my stats as of 3 Aug 2015:

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 290lb

Waist: 42

My ideal weight would be ~190-210ish (as recently as the end of 2013 I was this weight and loved it, but failed to keep the weight off....obviously :)  ).



  • The idea is to get enough calories in so you don't go into starvation without casuing any insulin spikes, I don't think it'll be overly time sensitive. There is also the advice of not taking in caffeine after lunch or else it can interfere with your sleep.


    Have you tried just BP Intermittent Fasting? It could be a more sustainable, healthier option.

    The weight still falls off like a rock and there is much less chance of binge eating as you're not fat fasting all week.

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  • Carl,

    Thanks for the reply.  I will definitely be moving onto the regular Bulletproof diet after a time on the RFLP.  My plan is to run the RFLP for about a month, maybe more depending on how I'm feeling, and then move onto the Bulletproof diet; using the RFLP as a kick start into the more sustainable Bulletproof diet and intermittent fasting protocols.


    Of course I'm open to changing things up and transitioning more quickly to the Bulletproof diet, but I want to see how I do on this.  If I'm struggling -mentally, physically, emotionally, etc- I will absolutely move right into the Bulletproof diet as I realize the RFLP is quite extreme and -as far as I can tell- unsustainable and most likely not incredibly healthy for long periods of time.


    Thank you again for your input, I do appreciate it.

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    I understand the motivations of the RFLP,  but I recommend easing into a BPIF protocol before embarking on it. 


    You want the minimum effective caloric deficit to allow continually long term bodyfat loss. If you jump into the RFLP, your body will adapt reasonably quickly, and your metabolism will slow, and you won't be able to lose weight even though you are at a low calorie diet. You will notice huge drops at the start but they will diminish quickly.


    Once you come off the RFLP, you will take up water and glycogen weight as your body takes on extra carbs and protein which may discourage you from eating, as you won't like this instant weight increase. Which as Jason Millar stated is 'Eating Disorder 101', the psychological effects can't be understated when the scales reverse.


    I would leave the RFLP until a time where you're having a bit of a halt in your weight lose and want to speed things up, let's call it 'The Calvary', and only use it for a short duration.

    I have been eating bulletproof, low carb for around a year, and have seen the most benefits recently. My carb intake has gone up substantially post workout and I eat more calories then I used to by far. 


    Are you looking at doing any training?

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    Wow, great info Carl, never thought of it that way.  You've convinced me.  I'll do more research on just the Bulletproof diet with intermittent fasting (and finish reading the BP diet book) and start there.

    I'm planning on only mild training for the foreseeable future, 1-2 days a week of HIIT for 15-30 minutes.  What do you suggest?

  • Awesome :) let me know how you get on!


    Great, yeah sounds good. With a preference for resistance training rather then cardio.

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  • Here's an update for those who cared.

    Started BP Diet w/ IF ~6 Aug 2015

    Start weight: 290

    12 Aug 2015 weight: 282


    I know the majority of that is water weight -boy have I been peeing like a racehorse since starting- but I'm still pretty pleased.  In all fairness I haven't been doing the IF perfectly due to work schedule so my eating window has been 8-9 hours a few days instead of 6 hours.


    I've also been keeping my carbohydrate intake to next to nothing.  I'm still reading the BP Diet book and the forums and I am seeing that I shouldn't completely limit my carbohydrates, but I haven't figured out exactly how high to go other than the ~5% daily calories figure.


    I've also not worked out at all since starting, no real reason why not except that I haven't :)


    I'll update again in a week.

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    You'll still see good results from that eating window, especially on such low carb.


    I eat 15% carbs on non training days and 30% on training days. 

    I try to keep it pretty keto until later in the day, or post workout when I intake 90% of my carbohydrates. 


    Breakfasts consist of some sort of combination of:

    Eggs, Bacon, Butter, Whey, Collagen, Coconut Milk, Raw Milk, Steak, MCT, Avocado


    Here is myfitnesspal in case you're wondering

    Training days are Mon/Wed/Fri, where you'll see the carb/fat macro goals flip.


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  • OK, here's the weekly update:


    Started BP Diet w/ IF ~6 Aug 2015

    Start weight: 290

    19 Aug 2015 weight: 279.5


    10.5 pounds in 14 days, so .75 per day.  I'm happy for that and was really happy to see I was back into the 270's.  At this rate I should hit my goal (210#) sometime around the end of November.  I'm cool with that :)


    Anyway, I've really felt pretty good this week.  I've had a few cravings, but nothing over the top.  I had one day (Sunday) where I had a couple of things I wouldn't normally eat; 5Tbsp. Maple syrup and 6oz of Chimary (beer).  I've bumped up my carbohydrates to around 30g a day or ~10% of my calories.  I've been keeping fats between 75-80%.  The only thing I'd like to change is to eat more leafy greens and other veggies from the BP side of things.  I like veggies, but I've been so concentrated on watching the carbs I've limited my veggie intake.


    The only adverse affects have been this past week, probably 4 days or so, I've had some heartburn/acid reflux in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon.  I'm thinking it might be the BCAA (I drink the plain powder 5g in water twice a day) and its terribly bitter and I feel it may be upsetting my stomach.  I've stopped taking it today hoping it helps and then I'll go from there.


    Anyway, thanks again for the advice.  I'll update again in a week.

  • Awesome man, the weights flying off.


    I wouldn't be concerned about eating past your carbohydrate allowance through non starchy vegetables. They're high in micronutrients and fibre.

    The pro's of eating a tonne of vegetables definitely outweigh the cons of exceeding an arbitrary carbohydrate number. 


    Congratulations on your progress!

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  • Weekly check-in:


    Started BP Diet w/ IF ~6 Aug 2015

    Start weight: 290

    26 Aug 2015 weight: 280.2


    Down ~9.5 pounds total, but up just under a pound from last week.  Very disappointing.  I've been tracking my calories/fat/protein/carbs in MyFitnessPal and the past week I averaged ~2000cal, 74% fat, 15% protein and 11% carbs.   I haven't gotten too down on myself because I've felt so good on the BP diet and I know weight isn't everything; though I still want to drop the next ~70 pounds :)  Since my goal is to continue to lose weight and not gain or maintain, I would appreciate your input on what I might be doing wrong or even reassurance that this is just 'normal'.


    I haven't been exercising at all the last 3 weeks, I think its time to get some resistance training going a couple days a week (as Carl suggested).


    On a side note my heart burn and/or acid re-flux is completely gone.  I stopped taking BCAA (10g/day) for two days and did begin to feel better, but then I read in these forums that some people have had stomach issues with the Now Foods MCT; very similar symptoms as mine.  I cut out the Now Foods MCT and replaced it instead with Brain Octane with my BP coffee.  Five days later and no heartburn.  Now I need to add BCAA back into my diet and see if I start having heartburn again.


    Thanks again for all your help and encouragement!  Until next week............

  • Weekly check-in:


    Started BP Diet w/ IF ~6 Aug 2015

    Start weight: 290

    2 Sept 2015 weight: 276.9

    Average Cal: 2100

    Macro Averages: fat-68%, protein-16% and carb-16% (realized I've been eating 'hidden' carbs from avocados I didn't even think about)


    Down a total of ~14 pounds in 28 days.  This weeks weigh-in was a relief to me after last week.  I've felt really good, still no heartburn/acid reflux.  I've been 1 week on XCT oil added to the BP coffee in the morning and still no stomach issues.  I'm going to begin adding the BCAA back into my day and see what happens, I'm hoping it wasn't the BCAA that were causing the stomach issues, instead it being the Now Foods MCT.  


    Energy has been good, very few cravings and everyday I'm finding new ways to prepare food the BP way (I've pre-ordered the BP Cookbook).  I've also found one of my new favorite dinners is a 1/2 pound grass fed burger patty -sous vide-  then lightly finished on the cast iron pan, thrown on some iceberg lettuce leaf "buns", yellow mustard, homemade mayo, slice of heirloom tomato and onion.  Good stuff.  


    The only issues I'm facing at the moment are a bit of muscle soreness around the shoulders, neck and lower back/hip.  I think this has to do with the quality of my sleep though; i.e two spoiled Pitbulls that like to get into bed with me every night :)


    I still haven't introduced regular exercise into my routine, but its a goal of mine to begin adding it this week.  I'm following Carl's suggestion of doing HIIT weight training.


    Until next week.....

  • Weekly check-in:


    Started BP Diet w/ IF ~6 Aug 2015

    Start weight: 290

    9 Sept 2015 weight: 275

    Average Cal: 1809

    Macro Averages: fat-62%, protein-23% and carb-15%.  There is a caveat to these averages.  My nutrients on Saturday were really carb loaded.  I took my wife and daughter out for sushi -all you can eat type of place- and ended up eating 2.5 rolls to myself and about 6 pieces of nigiri (sashimi wasn't an option on their menu unfortunately).  Also, Thursday night was the beginning of U.S. college football season to which I am a season ticket holder for our local team.  I got to the game early and tailgated for a bit and had 5-6 beers, but I stuck to just eating grilled steak for food, no carbs from food.]


    An interesting note from Saturdays sushi meal is that while I was eating, maybe half way through, I began getting a very bad headache and it lasted for a few hours afterwords.  About an hour after the meal I got hives on my hands, arms and face.  Strangest thing.  They looked like small mosquito bites and they itched badly.  I took some activated charcoal and the hives went away a couple hours later, but the itching continued until late that evening.  This experience definitely opened my eyes to how my 'old' way of eating affected my body in dramatic ways, but I was so used to it that I just thought these things were normal.


    My wife and I's anniversary was last night and I went all bulletproof for the meal I cooked her :)  I did baked salmon fillets, spring salad with the BP avocado dressing, BP cauliflower mash (minus the bacon because my wife doesn't eat meat besides fish) and the coconut panna cotta.  I have to say the cauliflower mash was a HUGE hit.  She loved it with the salmon.  She's not a huge fan of the taste of vinegar so the dressing was just so-so for her, but she and my daughter loved the panna cotta, though it needed a few hours to set instead of the 1 hour recommended in the book.


    I still have yet to start my workout program.  Time and motivation are the only factors.  I have a gym at my office and I read that Dave suggest working out in the late afternoon, 2ish I believe, but our gym is almost always packed and I'm not the type of person that likes to workout with lots of other people around.  Excuses I know.  I'm going to try getting into the gym a couple of times this week at 2...we'll see how that goes.


    Until next week..........

  • Hello there - I recently got Dave's book and have read the 2-week protocol. Have some Q's and also re: this thread.


    1. What is RFLP stand for referred to in this thread?


    2. In the book he says to pick one from the Lunch list and one form the Dinner list and one from the Dessert list. But no instructions about the veggie list. Is the idea that we pick one lunch item and then one or more form the veggie list? And same for dinner?  


    3. The veggie list has butternut squash in one item, and that is high starch. Eat that for lunch or dinner is OK?


    4. For the Bullet Proof coffee, he says if you are female over 40 to add grass fed collagen. What is that exactly and where do I buy it? I went to the health store yesterday and saw collagen supplements, but nothing that looked like I could add to my coffee drink and nothing about grass fed.  Would drinking beef bone broth after my morning coffee suffice? Will that mess up the fasting? 


    5. Will MCT oil from the health food store also elevate keytones? I know Dave's oil is just c8 correct?





  • I'll give my 2 cents, but I too am fairly new to Bulletproof so please don't take what I'm saying as the gold standard.


    1> RFLP is Rapid Fat-Loss Protocol.  Essentially its eating only fats and only several times a day; BP coffee in the morning and afternoon and straight fats several other times throughout the day.  Carl, from this thread, spoke some reason into me and suggested I just stick to the BP diet with intermittent fasting -which has been very good so far- and try the RFLP if I felt like I needed it.


    2> I haven't gotten to the point where I'm following the meal plans exactly as far as 'pick one from this list and one from this other list'.  I've been doing my best to follow the 50-70% fat, 15-20% protein and 10-15% carb rule.  I eat the majority of my carbs in the evening for dinner (Dave suggests this because carbs can help you fall asleep).  My average day looks something like this: 7/8am: BP coffee, 12-1pm: lunch usually heavy with leafy greans/veggies from the BP list, avocados (usually 1 or 2), fish or grass fed beef, hard boiled eggs, and fats (coconut oil or olive oil usually), 6/7pm: dinner where I get the rest of my carbs from veggies, but sometimes squash or sweet potatoes, protein like fish or grass fed beef and fats from olive oil and/or butter.  There are maybe 2-3 nights a week I'll also have blueberries/blackberries/strawberries/raspberries as a 'desert'. I've tried some of the recipes from the book and have really like all of them, but sometimes I don't feel like cooking an intricate meal so I'll just make a soup with bone broth, beef, veggies, fats and eggs. 


    3> Starches/carbs I try to eat mostly in the evening, but I do get carbs in the afternoon from avocados.


    4> The grass fed collagen is a product that Dave sells on the website.  I've heard good things about it in the forum, but I haven't tried it myself so I can't personally speak to its benefits.  I don't think drinking bone broth would break your fast, but I'm definitely not 100% on that.  I've heard that some people make a BP bone broth drink instead of the BP coffee (substituting the bone broth for the coffee).


    5> My experience with the Now Foods MCT oil resulted in heartburn and acid re-flux.  I've read that others had the same issue, though others have not.  My suggestion is to try it and see how it works for you.  If you have issues with it, try the Brain Octane product.


    Good luck!!!

  • Thank you ntwrk for that response! 

    you think the bone broth would break the fast? Are there carbs in it? Or is it the protein. I just posted Q's about breaking the fast:


    i've been using a MTC oil I found in the health food store, so far no issues. A lot less expensive than Dave's, but I think his is strictly C8. This is not.

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