Magnesium And Overall Dietary Review

How's everyones magnesium supplementation going?


I'm currently taking Nutrience (400mg Carbonate) and NOW magnesium Citrate at night time (400mg, sometimes 800mg depending on how much physical activity prior in the day, as I was occasionally getting hamstring cramps.

I listened to Charles Poliquin on the Tim Ferris Podcast and his Magensium and Zinc recommendations were really interesting. He recommends 4grams a day of Mag for males and 2.4g for women obtained across varying chelates.


I have just upped my Magensium game to the below, some Glycinate, Orthonate, and Threonate.

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    I recently discovered that they have been adulterating magnesium glycinate with cheaper and barely absorbable magnesium oxide, see:


    Magnesium glycinate (or magnesium bisglycinate) is one of the best forms of magnesium, and probably the most frequently recommended. However, it's expensive to produce. That cost has lead every magnesium glycinate supplier I've found to include the cheaper magnesium oxide form without including it on the ingredient label! There actually a lawsuit against Albion and Bluebonnet about this unlabeled ingredient behavior.


    Now I see that Kirkman (which you are also taking) changed the label to include magnesium oxide (not specifying how much of it is the oxide), so I stopped ordering it. 


    I ordered half a kilo from but someone on said its also adulterated, well but at least 2/3 of the magnesium is really from glycinate and you see a COA here:


    4 grams sounds like really much, but I am now doing total daily 1185 mg Magnesium in 4 forms:


    350 mg Mg from 4g of Natural Vitality CALM powder first thing in the morning

    135 mg Mg from a capsule of Thorne Citramate (Citrate-Malate) at midday about 1 hour before main meal

    400 mg Mg from 4 ml Trace Minerals Research Mega-Mag Great Salt Lake concentrate in a glass of water during main meal

    300 mg Mg from Magnesium Glycinate (currently Kirkman, so some of it is oxide without me knowing previously about this) in the evening before bed


    The L-Threonate is overly expensive and probably not worth it, see


    I am doing 50 mg of Zinc daily now:


    15 mg from Thorne Zinc Picolinate 1 hour before main meal of the day

    20 mg from OptiZinc capsule during main meal

    15 mg from from Thorne Zinc Picolinate 2 hours after main meal or later


    I didn't try the orotate (your AOR) yet, but see from which a quote about orotate: 


    Magnesium Orotate -This is one least known forms of magnesium but let me tell you if you just had a surgery or exercise a lot then it will be your godsend. The extra orotate will help muscle regeneration. Take if only for a short time though the extra ortate will increase uric acid levels, and women should stay away from it since it can be mutagenic (Only found as a possibility in rats in vivo, rats are different biologically than humans) . Taken at Bedtime.


  • Awesome, thanks for the comprehensive feedback.

    I am going to email Kirkman for a COA. a great site


    Dosage of 4g is based on the actual chelated amounts of "powder", not the elemental magnesium. 


    I got some NOW Zinc Picolinate in this iherb order also.

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  • Magnesium glycinate seems to make me real fatigued during the day.  It's the Pure Encapsulation glycinate; maybe my body doesn't process it right or I have enough magnesium (or not enough calcium and taking it reduces the calcium I have further).

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