6 Week Tour - Attempt To Eat Well Or Get An All In One Green Powder

As per the header i'm off on tour for almost 6 weeks towards the end of the year. Past tour experience tells me it's just not possible to eat well. On the days there is catering it's hit and miss if any option is going to give me anything substantially nutritious and i also can't really afford to go out and find shops to stock up on veggies etc.


I'm tempted to get an all in one powder, something like the Garden Of Life stuff with probiotics etc. I used to take Vitamineral Green years ago and felt alright but obviously the high risk of mold  is prevalent. 

I'll be taking my usual vitamin stack but it's never enough on tour, i get run down within the first two weeks and feel like death for the rest of it.


Any thoughts on what i should do? 



  • I recently did a 6 week trip in Europe, so I have an idea of where you're coming from. 


    Bring a jar of coconut oil (and/or melt down GF butter into a jar).


    What does your supplement stack look like? Consider something like oyster powder or desiccated liver, both of which will cover a lot of nutrient bases.


    Sardines are affordable, tiny, and nutrient-packed.


    Bring your own salt.


    A good source of collagen powder or whey.


    At two weeks, I got sick on my trip. Coincidentally, I started eating lots of berries and plums after that and never got sick. I've been reading Ray Peat, who is quite fond of sugar, and I think the fruit may have prevented me from getting sick further. Glucose can be used to lower cortisol in certain situations. Traveling is a high stress situation, so you may benefit from it. You can read this: http://www.paleohacks.com/sugar/sugar-raises-cortisol-sugar-lowers-cortisol-12389

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  • I travel nearly weekly on business and really like the Garden of Life Green Superfood in capsule form.  Very easy to travel with as you don't have to mix a power and bring a shaker. 

  • Well my time is here and i leave in a few days. It's not my first tour of this length but i'm in the midst of getting lab work done to determine my cortisol and adrenal issues along with a possible parasite from toxic mold exposure!

    It's going to be rough but i'm determined to not go down the slippery catering slope like i always do and gorge on cheese and bread. 

    I opted for Amazing Grass Raw Reserve, recommended by the chaps at Natural Stacks. I'll be taking this along with their whey and prebiotic powders.


    My supps i'll be taking:

    Life Extension Two Per Day

    Life Extension Bio-Circumin

    BP Choline Force

    BP Upgraded Ageing

    Magnesium Glycinate and transdermal Mag spray

    BP Charcoal and Glutathione

    I'll report back on how i'm doing, it kicks off with a drive from the UK to Poland, fun!


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