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Somehow I must have gotten on the bad side of someone at Bulletproof, I've been affiliate of theirs for a couple of years now,  I've gotten a couple of nice Paypal paydays from it, but anytime I tried to contact them in regards to affiliate stuff - promoting their products - they were totally none responsive...

  • I've had some questions about affiliate stuff and they never respond to my emails.
  • I've Tweeted and left comments a few times and never a response.
  • Once I even noticed a blatant grammar error on the site, I emailed them just to point it out and they ignored me again.

I have a biohacking blog that gets about 20000 uniques a month so I guess I'm small potatoes compared with the big BPE but it's still pretty rude. Whats up with that BPE?


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    We are going through a site-wide transition.  A lot of it is internal and proprietary, but trust me when I tell you that we are unusually busy.  Someone will get back with you, but give it some more time.

  • @Bulletproof Moderator any update on this? I'm having a similar experience not getting a response from anyone regarding the current status of Bulletproof's affiliate program or receiving affiliate commissions, etc. Thanks!

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  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    @Quantified Bob
    Try contacting BP via Facebook, direct message. You may have better luck.

    None of the mods on this forum look to be active anymore; check their "last active" info.

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  • Guys, have you ever used proxies from https://proxy-seller.com/ for sm target in your affiliate markeing experience? Is it a legit way of working with shady offers?

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