More Frequent Urination

So two weeks ago I started drinking BP coffee, began intermittent fasting, and eating more protein (grass fed beef, butter, and eggs). I'm not following the BP diet strictly as I'm still eating some sugar (fruit, granola, cookies) later in the evening. I've dropped about 3-4lbs and feel good physically. On question: I'm now getting up once every night to urinate. I've never done this before. I'm drinking about the same amount of fluids as before but I'm urinating more. Is this normal? I don't seem to have any of the other signs of Ketosis. What gives???


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    A lot of aspects of the BP diet can cause this. Ketosis, higher caffeine/theobromine intake, higher salt intake, BPC intermittent fasting, all combined with a possible higher intake of nutrients/supplements. Hard to say what the exact cause is in your case. You probably have to experiment a bit to see what the problem is. If you'd like you can google everything you eat and every supplement you take with 'diuresis' to see who the suspects are.

  • Good points. Thanks Walter
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