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I have normal pillow stuffed pillows and it's time for me to upgrade to more bulletproof. I currently sleep on a couch or the floor as I am in a new place. For the basics what pillow should I get? And what Pillow sheet to accompany that.


Secondly I am still saving up for a good mattress iun the meantime is there anything around $150-$200 budget that I could get in the meantime to sleep on? After I've saved up what mattress should I invest in?


Lastly what are good blackout curtains I could get?


Some info about where I live. 

All Four seasons


Currently it is hot in the room 75-81 degrees in the room but at night I put the weak A/C I have and it can go down to 72-70 if I'm lucky. 


In the winter it gets super cold and I have to put on the heating which works well. 


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • I got a Buckwheat Pillow recently. Really good for sleeping on back, and if you want to sleep on your side you can prop it up on a nother normal pillow for extra neck support. It's like a memory foam pillow, that isn't so aggressive. It moulds freely as the grains 'flow' around.


    A brand similar to this https://hullopillow.com/buckwheat-pillow/


    Tim Ferris is big on them, not sure what Kelly Starret reckons.


    Big hit in Japan

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  • Use a Tempur Ergonomic Support Pillow (£65), but the case can make the pillow:




    Pillow [case] turned up yesterday. Hooked it up using the wrist strap cable and plug (this comes with a cable, but no plug). Material is very soft and you can't tell that it's an earthing product. Used the multimeter to test it, both touching with my hand and with my head on it in different positions and contact. Took my reading down from 3v+ to 0.2v. Seems to work great. Only real thing to check is how well the cable stays attached, as its the same clip as the wrist strap, which came off occasionally and obviously I'll keep checking with the multimeter every so often, as I found out with the strap, they can stop working.


    Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and is a big upgrade from the strap. 




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  • I used this Coop Home Goods pillow, started using 4 weeks back. They are very good and have very nice support. You must try it. On below link there is detail review as well.


    Hope this helps.

    ~ Rohini

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