Hey Guys & Gals,


I have normal pillow stuffed pillows and it's time for me to upgrade to more bulletproof. I currently sleep on a couch or the floor as I am in a new place. For the basics what pillow should I get? And what Pillow sheet to accompany that.


Secondly I am still saving up for a good mattress iun the meantime is there anything around $150-$200 budget that I could get in the meantime to sleep on? After I've saved up what mattress should I invest in?


Lastly what are good blackout curtains I could get?


Some info about where I live. 

All Four seasons


Currently it is hot in the room 75-81 degrees in the room but at night I put the weak A/C I have and it can go down to 72-70 if I'm lucky. 


In the winter it gets super cold and I have to put on the heating which works well. 


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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