Daytime Meal Hacks

Hey All,


I wanted to know if anyone has any good ideas on daytime meals. I work from 8am until 5pm and usually try to get in 2/3 meals when I am in work, the canteen is open for 2 hours a day and sometimes serves semi-healthy meals (long grain rice and fish, etc) but ideally I prefer bringing in my own food. The only issue is the microwave I need to use to heat the food up. 


I usually bring in 1 x Sockeye salmon with chilli, lemon, a small sweet potato with turemeric and kale or spinach drizzled in olive oil (and cooked with organic butter)


And then a similar meal with chicken or steak instead of fish and then a bulletproof coffee in the morning.


The issue I have is the microwave kills the taste and also I guess isn't the healthiest means of heating food, but I have limited options unless I deal with canteen meals. 


Is there any products which can heat food or keep them warm which people use? 


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