Tokyo Bp

Anyone have experience sourcing everything bulletproof in Tokyo? Staying in Hiroo, Shibuya. Curious about all my essentials, grass fed butter, clean coffee, 100% dark chocolate, grass fed ruminants, etc. Thanks!


  • glad You asked this since I travel to Tokyo a lot as well...If You're staying in the Hiroo/ropongi/Shibuya Matrix there are many supermarkets that cater to the xpat community which may be a good start..also I know Japan carries a lot of Australian Beef which often times IS grass fed and You might even be able to find it at Discount places like Hanamasu...the good things is there's no shortage of quality Sashimi.If You get any info on good Coffee,Beef or Grass fed Butter would love to hear back.Good luck and hope this may have helped a little
  • Garden Supermarket is one i know off the top in Hiroo,basement of manu department stores often times have high quality markets wich carry a lot of foreign goods as well.Good Luck
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