What To Eat After Sick With Stomach Issues

I threw up last night and just now started being able to keep sips of water down. any good hacks for recovering from stomach issues? I have no fever and my husband and I ate the exact same dinner last night (he's fine) except for one difference. I made Paleo chocolate chip cookies last night and ate some of the raw dough. Maybe it was from the raw egg in the cookie dough.

My Mom always gave me tea and dry toast or she made jello and I drank it warm. I have to eat gluten free but a good almond flour and white rice bread would be great toasted about now but I'm not feeling up to shopping and baking. I do have some bone broth but I thought it might have too much fat. I also have collagen protein powder. Maybe the bone broth with a little white rice? What about taking activated charcoal or digestive enzymes?


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    Personally, I'd focus on liquids.


    Apple Cider Vinegar should help. I used 4 TBSP to 14 oz of water, but I'm crazy like that. Supposed to be 1 or 2 TBSP or something like that for most people.

    Little bit of warm water with lemon juice should help, too. Warm liquids are absorbed faster.


    In the way of supplements, there's Alpha Lipoic Acid and of course, some good ol' activated charcoal.



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  • To help with the same sort of issue I find it comforting to have rice or rice noodles.  Normally, I eat very low carb but if babying myself it seems to help.  That being said I have just eaten what I always eat and that's fine too.  It's just not comfort food...  

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    I had some herbal tea with collagen protein powder to start. Next I had a plain avocado Maki roll that I picked up at whole foods. both were pretty easy on the stomach. No issues.
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