Canned Tuna And Wine

hi there, i'm new here! may i have infos about canned tuna and wine (red mostly) since i don't get both to the roadmap diet. thank you so much in advance


  • Hi! :)


    I have the book and the roadmap. Canned tuna is ok as long as the can is BPA free and the tuna is wild/sustainably caught, etc. However, it can be high in mercury, so some better choices would be sardines or anchovies.


    No alcohol is Bulletproof. Both red and white wines are "kryptonite".


    I hope this answers your questions!



  • hi Nicole, thank you so much for your reply. i'm going to get the book today from amazon so your help is precious. may i ask if you know something about arucula too? a big hug, really
  • Hi Mia,


    The book doesn't mention arugula, but I imagine that it would be ok to consume in reasonable amounts. Like other members of the brassica family, arugula contains thiocyanate which can inhibit thyroid function in large amounts. If you are worried about this, you can always cook the arugula, which decreases this effect. It has so many health benefits though that I would say go for it :)


    Big hugs to you too!



  • thank you so so much! the book has finally arrived. the whole "ketosis thing" is just intriguing and so logical NOW..
  • Enjoy the book!

    I loved reading it. Super interesting :)

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