Vegetarian Bulletproof With Enough Protein?

I have been on the Bulletproof diet for a while now with high fat (about 200-250g a day), enough protein for my weightlifting (about 120g) and quite low carbs (about 100-150g)


I do think I feel more energetic, especially by the Bulletproof Coffee. I actually do it quite extreme I think with my morning shake of coffee, having 2 tablespoon of the Brain Octane oil and 100g of butter mixed into it. This I feel is great for me and I want to continue doing.


However I don't feel like I still feel fully comfortable eating so much meat, especially red meat. I often feel very full after I have eaten it, and in a "bad" way like you are so full you will not be able to eat anything else for hours and hours and you can really feel that it takes a lot of time to digest. Maybe some of my uncomfortable feeling is also related to that it feels a bit macabre still to me to cut up a bloody bit of meat and also I guess it feels a bit strange to eat so much red meat when you have always been told that it is bad for you to eat that much red meat.


I still believe that you should find what is "right for you", and I am not 100% positive eating this much red beef is right for me. I have been thinking of trying for a more vegetarian diet, but with enough protein. It is really hard though to get up in enough without supplementing a lot with powder.


I also remember reading in the Bulletproof diet book that you should not use more then 4 tablespoons of Whey and almost "stay away" from hemp. These two sources would be my main sources for protein. Do you guys have any thoughts on this, and also how do I balance and what do I need to add in to not get any deficiencies? And with balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 etc?


I am thinking I don't need to be totally vegetarian though. I could eat meat/fish maybe 2-3 days a week. If so, would I need to worry about deficiencies at all?


I made a list of a day of vegetarian food here that I could eat, does it look good or should I throw out some things and add in other things?

These things will give me in one day about: 2800kcal , 120g protein, 140g carbs, 200g fat


Butter 100g

Brain octane Oil 2 tablespoons

Whey 40g (8 tablespoons)

Broccoli 425g

Hemp Protein powder 60g

Chia seeds 20g

Sesame seeds 60g

1 Advokado

1 Banana

Glutenfree Oats 130g


  • Hey Mate,

    Thought id add my 2 cents.

    I have been bulletproof vegetarian for a little while. I initially switched to only eating fish, than made the full transition to vegetarian.

    - I would pick an organic rice protein isolate instead of a hemp protein. The isolate does not contain the same anti nutrient profile of whole rice due to the sprouted and extraction process. This goes the same for organic pea protein isolate. You can try both together to get a full amino acid profile. These proteins I would argue are superior to hemp, especially if you are supplementing omega's.

    - Adding more nuts to the diet instead of seeds can add 10-20grams a day of protein. If they are not to expensive in your area, try soaked and slow dehydrated and dried nuts (they call them activated where I am from). They are easier on the stomach as most of the anti nutrients are removed.

    - Try eggs as well. 4 of your average eggs will give about 20g of protein.

    - maybe replace the oats with sweet potato? only if you are worried about possible anti nutrients

    Hope this helps.

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