Priorities Or Incrementing Recovery From Vegan Diet

Since late 2013 I have been referring to myself as a "reformed vegan" because that discipline started fraying around the edges with the introduction of grass fed butter & BPC.  Since about 1996 I have been getting away with reasonable recreational athletic performance on vegan but 2013 brought on a level of stress that resulted in a mental breakdown from serial shit-storms and personal emergencies. 


As of 2010 I started triathlon but event participation and training regularity was frequently frustrated by work schedule issues (that I sarcastically refer to as "complying with a schedule written in smoke").  2014 was a recovery year for resolving most of the issues from 2013, or so I thought, and was able to train at a minimal level to complete events.  2015 started as a "year of at least showing up" with minimal goals that only got as specific as being mindful of cutoff times for each discipline in a triathlon event.  In June I did the Challenge Williamsburg Olympic distance but had to drop out of the run because of the heat.  I followed that with a triathlon camp that I self-limited the intensity of because this year's training has been vapor thin. 


A relapse of insomnia prompted me to get an adrenal stress profile saliva test from an online source and was convinced to do other tests, along with that, out of what I thought of as self indulgence.  The conclusions from this performance athletics centric online service showed a number of over-training red-flags.  Only I have not been over-training and apparently have never been able to climb out of the stress crater I found myself in.  Along with the battery of tests, I signed up for a nutritional consult that strongly advised a paleo approach, which I initially rejected, and, since the consult was done before all the results of the labs were in, we resolved to search for a compromise of a "meatless paleo".  Their standard process was broken up because of me requesting them to not wait for the full series to come back but to look for anything that could be causing chronic diarrhea.  One of the stool tests was positive for cryptosporidium, a bacterial parasite I may have acquired swimming in the James River in June.  This was the cracking point where I decided to stop defending the vegan diet.  Another influence was the Carl Lewis Bulletproof Blog entry.  


Since August of 2014, yoga was a huge part of my recovery by enabling me to reliably reach a level of peace.  That is the remaining conflict between where I am now and returning to meat but the dominating priority is getting my health back.  I have decided to suspend the ethics oriented aspects of this issue and deliberate on this later from a position of better health.


I am hoping to find someone else in these forums that has experienced a time-efficient method of achieving a level of resilience & performance that my experience with the vegan diet has held me back from.  Something more targeted than a simple face-plant into a grass-fed roast to get my athletic chops back, for real this time, which is why I posted in this particular forum.  Thanks!



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