Binging After Lunch?

Hey guys I'm having a problem that maybe you can help me with.

So I work in a restaurant, and have been trying to do the bulletproof diet for a few weeks. I was initially pretty successful but recently have been seeing some regression. I have found myself running out of willpower around lunch time and end up eating the wrong foods and inevitably end up binging on bad foods. I supposed that I must be eating suspect foods that are causing cravings and from there's its a domino effect since I'm surrounded by kryptonite foods at work. I have tried fasting my way through work but end up running out of energy before the end of the day because my job is fairly physical and stressful (cooking gas, high heat temptress, yelling, heavy lifting, running, etc). I also don't get a standard lunch break at work. I can eat usually but quickly and only have a short amount of time away. I've been intermittent fasting daily, but find myself needed more energy around 2pm and I don't get off work until 4. This usually results in me eating domino foods for that whole time period. Even on days when I bring my own lunch, I still end up eating something that triggers me to start snacking which ends in me binging.

I know I need to remove my trigger foods, but I'd like your advice on any ideas you think that could help me in this situation. It simply needs to be a short term solution, I will not be working this job much longer. What would you recommend I do? Should I stop intermittent fasting on days I work? Should I eat breakfast with bulletproof coffee and wait until I'm off work to eat? Do I just need to be eating a more bulletproof lunch? Do I just need to toughen up and push through some cravings? Thanks in advance, I'll take any help I can get!


  • Hi there,


    I am sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with kryptonite foods. Perhaps one of the reasons you feel the need to eat the foods at work is that you simply aren’t eating enough calories in general. You could add a Bulletproof breakfast with only protein and fats alongside your coffee, and/or pack a larger lunch. Make sure that you pack all of your favorite Bulletproof foods so you will feel less tempted to eat the other stuff. Also, have a big Bulletproof dinner and dessert (try Dave's ice cream recipe!) planned out for when you come home, so you have that to look forward to during the day. You could also put little post-it notes in your workspace that say “Stay Bulletproof!” for reminders and motivation.


    Sometimes it is tough to stay Bulletproof but I believe in you! I’m sure you will find a solution that works perfectly for you.


    Best wishes,



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