How To Add Supplements While Doing The Bulletproof Coffee

I was doing the BP coffee for a while and stopped in order to incorporate my workout supplements. Currently, I will be cycling off my preworkouts / stimulants and plan to get back. I don't think I can totally do the bulletproof diet but I try to eat as close as paleo or semibulletproof. One of my issue is convenience when it comes to eating so I try to mainly cook / grill my meals on the weekends.


Anyways, my question is, I want to continue using my protein powders, BCAAs and other supplements when I start the BP coffee. I workout out at 430 AM. When I was drinking the BP Coffee, I was working out on a fasted state and drank my coffee at 830 AM. 


My goal is to lose bodyfat and get lean. I am also a female...I may need to lose 10 to 15 lbs. I can feel my muscles but they are not popping. I lift pretty heavy. Can you give me some feedback to reach my goals as well as incorporate my stated supplements.


Thank you so much.

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