Has Anyone Heard Of Piedmontese Beef?

Hello everyone. I happened upon Piedmontese beef and it "appears" to be pasture raised but is it Bulletproof? Does anyone have any input? Here's a link.



  • While I don't know whether it's BP or not, I do have some Piedmontese locally... and it's delicious stuff.  It's got a much lower fat content than what you might expect from something that tastes like "good beef", and the protein is still good.  I can see how if it's not pasture-raised/grass-fed, it would be a fantastic beef for say, Tim Ferriss' Slow-Carb, which I've tried and had dramatic success with - but that can be a fairly miserable diet to do from my experience.

  • "Piemontese" is just the name for a particular kind of italian cow or beef..whatever, as it is "scottona" ...this does not mean that it is grass fed, it depends from the farmer! as always :-)
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