Morning Exercise, Hypoglycemia, And Intermittent Fasting

Hello. I just bought the Bulletproof diet book and am seriously considering making this my lifestyle, including 18 hours of intermittent fasting every day. However, I see a potential problem. When I was on the Whole 30, with pretty much no carbs, I found that I was totally 'bonking' (running out of steam) on my morning 10-20 mile, strenuous bike ride. Seemed like once I blew out my glycemic stores, I often had a total energy crash. I have a tendency towards hypoglycemia anyway (and there is diabetes in my family), and so I amended the diet to include some carbs ('Clif Blocks') while I was riding, to keep me going.


I assume that the same thing will happen here. I don't think this necessarily happens to all people, I can't say, but it appears to, consistently, for me: I just run out of steam, and once I pass that point, it's cold sweat, brain fog, dizziness. it sucks.


I am sure primitive man could do lots of exercise with no carbs. He must have been able to. But he also wasn't overweight and he didn't have metabolic syndrome/Insulin Insensitivity, which I'm sure I do have. 


So, how best to cope with this on the bulletproof diet?





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