Totally New To This

I really just want to lose weight and feel good while doing it!

What is one thing that I absolutely need to be doing, if nothing else? A habit? A supplement? An exercise? What's your advice?

I'm drinking the butter coffee in the morning and am doing an intermittent fast. My work schedule is 8-5. I have my coffee at 8 and my eating window is from 1:30-7:30.

I want to workout but not sure what to do. I like to do a lot of dancing too, hip hop type stuff, but i don't want to compromise any progress by working out too much. Also not sure what time I should be working out. Most convenient time for me would be somewhere between 5-8pm.


  • For weight loss:

    Diet > Exercise > Supplement


    Make sure you standardize your diet first and then exercise. For standardizing diet, take a look at 

    Bulletproofing The Athlete- A Fully Customizable Template For Tracking And Changing Food Intake Based On Changing Goals
  • Thank you, but like I said, I am really new to this. And I am not a scientist or a nutritionist or a doctor, so trying to understand those guidelines is difficult.


    Currently I am 185 lbs and 40% body fat.

    female, 36 years old.

  • Depending on N=1 context here I'd say focus on resetting leptin potentially as well.

  • I also noticed that you mentioned "butter coffee" and not "Bulletproof Coffee". From this I assume that you are just interested in losing weight and not much on the Bulletproof style. I may be wrong.


    I suggest you to read Training the Obese Beginner. It will give you an idea on where to start. If you are a complete beginner to reading about fitness, you may not understand the article completely but reading it twice or thirce will give you a pretty good picture.


    Regarding my earlier post ("Bulletproofing the athlete"), you can give it a try to get a rough estimate of how much food to eat. After 2 to 3 weeks of following it, you can adjust based on your weekly average weight gain/loss.

  • I am interested in the bulletproof lifestyle and I have been doing the intermittent fast and bulletproof coffee everyday for a week now. The only thing is I don't comprehend all the hacking stuff. I am ultimately interested in losing weight and becoming more attractive obviously but I want to be fit healthy and strong as well. I just don't want to screw this up and having it end up with the opposite results, gaining more weight. I know to avoid grains and eat clean as I have been living on the paleo lifestyle for over a year now.
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    You have to find out what works for you because we are very different. The same plan makes some people lose and others gain. If you start something give it 3-4 weeks and keep monitoring your body changes so you can adjust accordingly.

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