Is 175G Butter To Much A Day?

Is there some limit to how much butter you should eat in a day? Right now I am eating 175g each day. Is that to much? How much butter are you eating in a day?


  • You should know if you're eating too much. I used to used much more in my Bulletproof Coffee and after a few months, felt like I didn't need as much. I adjust to how I'm feeling, same with MCT oil. A few millilitres away from disaster pants!


    That being said, you do need to make sure the rest of your diet is clean. If you're eating 10 donuts-a-day too, then it's too much!


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  • I don't eat much more fat, my daily intake of fat is about 200g so the butter is almost all of it.

    I do however feel a bit "full" or like I could puke sometimes if moving to much after so maybe I should cut it down some..

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    Eat fat until your full.

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