Long story short, in 2009 I fell 80 ft. off a zipline.

I obviously had a TBI along with other injuries. It's been a remarkable recovery and I'm happier than ever but I'm mostly concerned with my brain. My current med list is depakote (mood stablization), lyrica, tramadol, lexapro and modifinal.The modfinal has been a huge help, especialy in the beginning stages and then the tollerence grew and it baselined. I do however notice and am tired when I don't take it. I read a lot about stacking with racetames, modifinal and choline etc. My diet is mostly vegan aside from fish and the occasional steak so I might be low on choline which from what I've read is important to take with nootropics.

Therefore, my question with all things considered is what stack do you think I would most benifit from? Provigil, racetam, choline?...

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  • Piracetam works best for me

    And is also the most studied Racetam. It synergizes well with most other nootropics. And for me it increases effects from Modafinil. That's just my experience though.
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    As far as choline goes, I've tried most all choline supplements and really cannot tell much difference in them so I stick with choline Bitrate which is MUCH cheaper than the others. Also I take as little as possible. As it does increase effects from racetams, if you take too much it will have some nasty side effects. Also I've read a few things about Lions Main Mushroom Supplementation having positive results on people with Nerve Damage some reads even claimed they had regained feeling in parts of their body that they had severely injured and lost feeling in. This would be something worth reading more into. I am trying it and have been for almost a month with little to no results but most studies the patient supplemented for 6+ months the experience

    Maximum results, with results showing typically around the 3 month mark. I'm curious about the Possible increase NGF and Memory improvement. I am very weary of a lot of these supplement scams and I do my best to dodge them but I'm afraid this may be one, I hope not but you have to really look into studies done with these supplements. I mean, they may be supplimenting 90 year old people who are half dead and tell them it's a revolutioary fix all supplement then record the results ( Id say any 95+ year old will benefit from almost any supplimenting since there body's lack in so many areas ) but anyways...BAM!! I gotta brand new product that studies show can increase testosterone and increaseby memory and brain function10%!!! I have a thread about my experience and I'll keep it updated. and it's about 30 bucks for a month of precapsled pills. Now don't let this make you lose hope in supplements because there ARE a lot of GOOD supplements, they just don't have to have a superstar advertise them to make them sell :) I hope this help you in some way, looks like you've been through a lot so I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
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