Earthpulse Magnetic Sleep Machine

This product was recommended to me for major sleep hacking. Curious what people think...


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    Great product, highly recommended.

    Check out my blog:

  • That's too bad. I was psyched about this....

  • The Earthpulse is very expensive but...


    I have been using it for about a month and seen my morning HRV scores higher than in the past averaging about 90 versus about 85.


    My Garmin watch tracks my sleep. In the past getting 3 plus hours of deep sleep was rare. I stay in hotels on the road a lot. Now 3 plus hours is not hard at all.


    I am a little bummed that there is no noticeable feeling when it is on but that is just me a totally subjective.


    Given it is a sleep device I am surprised the LED screen is blue and not red. As you likely know blue light is not good for sleep. I just turn it upside down. Problem solved.


    I was concerned it would be too heavy but it travels well and in the carrying case it is safe.


    I have the 5 Pro and right now it is in alert mode because I am in a room with WiFi.



  • earthpulse vs fisher wallace stimulator?!?

    So many things on the market are adding so much confusion...

    Which if these is best for sleep and Mitochondrial rehab?

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