Healthiest Cigarette?

What cigarettes/tobacco brands are the healthiest to use? The brand Prince has (atleast in Denmark) a newer series called (re) defined, where the yellow packet, called SAND, contains 1 mg tar, 0.1 mg nicotine, and 2 mg of carbon monoxide. And then it says on the side that "This product is from sustainable managed forests and controlled sources. Http:// which I do not know if has any health value. Smoke is much more mild and clear than most other cigarettes I have tried. And you will not satisfy your nicotine needs with this cigarette.

So which type/brand of cigarette is less harmful to health - ie. as cleanly produced, and with as little "additives" and other junk added. It is clear that the healthiest is not smoking. But it's kind of like if you want to eat a piece of candy - you can choose to buy the piece you think tastes best, or you can check what type of candy is best for your body, and then eat it instead - and thereby achieve or maintain its good health, or at least minimize the damage voluntarily supply the body.


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