Hi all I'm Jon. I am 6ft and 260 lbs. I recently came across a YouTube video about Bulletproof and am deciding to give it a try. I am currently hacking my sleep , am drinking Starbucks likes peak with two tablespoons of kerrygold butter and eating between 2 pm and 8pm and fasting the rest of the evening .

My question is what are y'all eating during the eating window? I usually have grass fed beef and bell peppers and onion sautéed with coconut oil.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  • If you do not have the BP info graphic get it. 

    I don't particularly recommend the BPD book cause the infographic will suffice, but its not bad to pick the book up.


    If you can get fresh salmon in your diet I highly recommend it. Other types of fish are good to incorporate into your diet as well. "Wild caught" is preferred for most fish, but I really think eating FRESH farm raised atlantic salmon is better than not eating any salmon at all, in this case fresh atlantic salmon is preferred to frozen (DONT eat any frozen salmon with artificial color added!).  If just eating beef gets too monotonous then mix it up with something else. Lamb/Goat are the next best meat, but having some chicken or pork isn't gonna hurt you. Try out quality sardines and other tinned fish for easy snack/lunches.


    Veggies are our friends, eat as many of them as you can. Locally grown organic seasonal veggies is to be preferred, but if finding them or the price isn't right conventional grocery store veggies will do. Again, its better to eat all the veggies that you can then to not eat any at all. AVOCADOS AND OLIVES!


    It can be intimidating, but try to do some research on ketosis. My one statement to give you is don't get too caught up in ketosis or BP intermittent fasting. It works for some, and it doesn't work for some. Experiment figure out what works for you, pay attention to how you feel. Your body will tell you whats up.


    Search throughout these forums!!!!!!!! There is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge already tucked away in here.


    Good luck, I wish you the best.

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  • I am currently enjoying a blended cup of coffee with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Anymore than that and I have a buttery explosion lol. Around 2 I'll have some canned tuna and a salad that I will make from our local grocer.

    One thing I have noticed is I get headaches around 7 or 8 pm? I'm drinking water to get through it. I might have some raspberries and a piece of chocolate like the 85% or higher.
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