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 Has anyone ever heard of the Moringa Plant and the nutritional benefits that come from having it in your diet?  My brother in law was just talking with me about it and a company called Zija.  They manufacture the plant into things like tea bags, whey protein, or smart mix drink mixes (where you add it to water).  Anyways, I was just wondering if others had heard of it and the thoughts that you had.  



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    One of the plants that humanitarian organizations have been looking at to end world hunger, finally someone is starting to market it! I have a feeling these products will be inordinately expensive compared to what the price should be given the prolific growth and production of the moringa.

  • Yeah, I would agree...I wouldn't consider it cheap from the place I get it.  But it is kind of like how Dave talks about the processing of his coffee...  Where I get it from is the pure form through their processing.  So we'll see.  I was just curious if anyone had used it in combination with Bulletproof.  Thanks.

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    The processing should be similar to what is done with spinach, and growth should be at least as prolific. Not exactly expensive to pick, wash and bag.

  • I get a lot of veggy powders from, at pretty good prices. See link below:



    I recently ordered some of the organic moringa powder. Haven't received yet. It's a good deal more expensive than wheatgrass or gingko powder, but it's still pretty cheap compared to a lot of brand-name "superfood powders," or if you bought a bottle of 500-mg capsules filled with the powder.


    I'm not expecting a magic bullet to turn my life around. I just think of veggy powders as being like an easy-to-consume form of a salad.

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    I'm not expecting a magic bullet to turn my life around. I just think of veggy powders as being like an easy-to-consume form of a salad.

    I agree with you 100%. Finding decent green powders that are not sweetened with things like stevia, which I hate the taste of, is the killer. That and remembering I have them!

  • I have a young moringa tree in my garden.  It was inexpensive and it has grown very fast over the past year.  These trees are supposedly very hardy and can survive many adverse conditions, which is why they are being encouraged in areas prone to famine.  I use the raw leaves in salad.  Also, I dry them in my windowsill, then just crumble them into a powder....very easy. 

  • I am new to the bulletproof way of life.  Day 2.  I have been drinking Zija every morning- it is a plant based "super food"  assuming I should start drinking after my fast, correct?  If I have it when I wake up it will take me out of fat burning mode?  What if I work out in the mornings.  It is only 45 calories and I burn that right away, or does that not mater? Thanks in advance.

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