Wonky Ldl, All Else Great

After a year of dramatically upping my fats, I rechecked my lipid panel. By "dramatically", I don't eat an insane amount of fat. It's just a big increase from my previously low fat (often very low) diet. It's also mostly saturated (animal, butter, coconut).


Pre-fat numbers typically looked something like this:


Total Cholesterol: 175

HDL: 92

LDL: 74


Trigs: 43




Total Cholesterol: 247 High (normal range 100-199 mg/dl)

HDL: 135

LDL: 105 High (normal 0-99 mg/dl)


Trigs: 35


Everthing but LDL looks fine, but my doctor still freaked out. I'm not sure whether or not I should care (have started adding in more EVOO, just in case?!?).


I know some people have an increase in LDL on a high(er) saturated fat diet. I thought there was a correlation with APOe status, but as far as I can tell from 23&me, I'm the "normal" varient (3/3).


Anyone else have wonky LDL with otherwise good numbers??






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