If You Had All The Money In The World What Would Be Your Stack?


Effectively what would be the perfect stack to you?


  • Microdose LCD and cocaine.

    "Men are more easily wooed by imagination then by science" - Will Durant


  • No nootropics. Just the best foods and supplements possible.

  • #1. All natural organic foods only, eating 6 meals a day with a detailed diet program of exactly what my specific body needs,

    #2. A daily workout regimen and personal trainer to help maximize physical condition

    #3. Have daily labs done on my blood.

    #4. Moniter brain activity daily to find which supplements are most effective and at what dose is best.

    #5. As far as supplements,


    •Choline source should be provided in diet


    •Provigal (generic is Modafinil)

    •highest quality Fish oils

    •. low dose creatine hydrochloride

    •HGH supplementation

    •Anabolic Steroid supplementation

    That's what I'd start with. But that's ONLY MY OPINION
  • I don't think eating 6 meals a day is actually good for you. When you are constantly putting new food into the digestive system, it doesn't have time to properly digest what is already in there. I think at least 4 hours between meals of non-eating is good. 6 meals a day is crazy, if you space them out evenly, you get at most 2.5 hours of non-eating time between meals.

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