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Somatomax, I was recommended this supplement to help motivate me or give me "that push" to be able to train harder. I am curious I anybody has any information or suggestions regarding this stuff


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    @jason miller

    Have you tried Somatomax? Please elaborate...
  • When I read your post, this is what stood out "He recommended this to help me get motivated to hit the weights".


    If your primary focus is the above, you should consider why you aren't motivated to hit the weights and it might be partially due to one of the following:


    - Poor quality food choices.

    - Poor nutrient timing.

    - Incorrect macro ratios.

    - Under-eating.

    - Poor hydration.

    - Not enough sleep.


    The big question is 'Why do you want to hit the weights?', and if you have a really good reason why you want to you should then ask yourself the follow on question 'If you can strongly rationalize the need to hit the weights, and you are failing to hit the weights, is it a physiological, psychological or emotional barrier?'.


    Physiological is generally (a massive generalization) due to the bullet points I listed above. Psychological is generally due to a lack of focused determination; not making it important enough, not prioritizing correctly. Emotional is generally due to lack of excitement; not being stoked, not loving it enough, not making the right 'connection' with the task/goal.


    Things to consider, which may or may not apply to you:


    - Square away your nutrition.

    - Hack your sleep (which has been covered countless times within the forum).

    - Make your goal important enough that you start doing something about it, talk is cheap, sweat has a price... but that price has a reward.

    - Hook into a club/gym that helps drive a higher level of motivation, or engage a coach who will push you further than you will push yourself.


    Ultimately, there are no shortcuts. Supplemental eye of newt and toe of frog can't take the place of sound fundamentals consistently executed over the entire course of a lifetime. I realize that clearly now, only because I can look back over the last 30+ yrs of my own hard-charging efforts and can compare my young man's early focus on the eye of newt vs. the better informed person that I am today. Don't misunderstand my message; I love tweaking things, experimenting, dabbling with potions and powders but not before I have all my fundamentals in place. Bio-hacking is fun, psycho-hacking is fun, but they are smaller return areas when compared against the fairly simple fundamentals that few athletes nail correctly and/or consistently. Of course that's not a sexy message and so it doesn't get good traction... which is why the eye of newt and toe of frog potions exist.



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    Hey bro thank you for taking the time to provide all the useful info! I am starting a new improved diet
  • Never tried somatomax.

    There is quite a lot of info on different GH secretagogues on

    Personally, I trust them and they looked at a lot of literature regarding different supplements.

    If you check the GH section there are only two things e.g Arginine and maybe L-Citrulline that have a minor positive effect on GH.

    You can look up the ingredients in somatomax and see if any one of them has any profound effect on GH levels.

    Also, check out this small study. Glutamine, glycine and niacin seem to have a small effect on GH and that would probably be cheaper than somatomax if you get the ingredients in bulk.

    However, in the and as Jason pointed out, supplements have only a max 5% you can try it, but the effect will most likely be unnoticeable.

  • Update on Somatomax, this stuff has actually exceeded my expectations. The first ingredients are GABA and Phenibut, honestly I have tried to stay away from Phenibut in the past because of addiction potential and nasty w/d symptoms. After studying a lot more it is clear that this stuff probably isn't going to have any noticeable effect as far as increasing GH. But as far as a mood booster it has been great. I started out only needing 1/4 of the recommended dose as 1/2 was way to much. Taking every other day sometimes skipping an "on" day my tolerance increased to needing 1/2 the recommended dose in about 2-3 weeks to receive the same benefits, so I am currently taking a week or two off. On a side note, I have also completely changed my diet, from eating whatever I felt like, to a very strict, health conscious diet. No more soda or junk food. I grew up around a " not so health conscious family" so eating anything, was usually viewed as a good thing, and we never focused on healthy portions really. I can say that since I increased total food intake and changed my intake to healthy portions, I feel much better and have been physically performing better. I'm on the journey to get my desired physical figure, so I will post my specifics on another thread.
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