Unroasted Bp Coffee Beans ?

Came across this Ted Talk where the guy says that for maximum benefit and pleasure, coffee drink should be made within 1 week of roasting.  That no matter the packaging, after a week, roasted coffee beans bad.  He also says that roasting can be done with a minimum of equipment, such as with a popcorn popper and everyone should be doing their own roasting.  That got me to thinking that perhaps Dave should be selling BP unroasted coffee beans.  Comments?



  • I've been roasting my own beans for 1.5 years I started out with a popcorn popper. They can do a tremendous job with some practice. 4 months ago upgraded to the Fresh Roast SR500. Its an air roaster with controllable settings. If your into coffee get into roasting. Its amazing what a different roast can do to a cup of coffee. Green beans are cheap as hell compared to the gourmet/boutique stuff as well and if your real savvy its possible to find good deals on green beans online.


    There is significantly less money in selling green beans. So why would Dave do that.


    Sweetmarias.com is a great coffee roasting resource.


    Also search the forums. Your not the first to post that ted talk and their may have been more discussions about roasting in those topics.

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    Yep, that's the Tedx I posted in one of the latest threads about choosing single origin vs blends. The problem with selling unroasted coffee beans is the mold growth during shipment and storage, which I would think Dave is trying to avoid. Thought that does beg a further question: What are Dave's shipping practices? Does he follow standard coffee industry shipping practices, or does he insist on shipping his green coffee beans in hermetically sealed containers? 

  • I was under the impression that processed green beans is the most stable storage state of coffee.

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    Not at all, that's why European countries require mold and mycotoxin testing at both the origin port and the arrival port. Leaking shipping containers can contribute to mold growth and violate the contract on entire crops of green coffee beans.

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