Who Is The Most Experienced Functional Medicine Practitioner For Anxiety/methylation/dopamine/seroto

I am thinking about hiring a really experienced functional medicine practitioner who can really go in depth into what is happening in my brain and body, order tests which has the highest possibility of being actually useful (and not waste thousands of dollars on ordering everything possible from Genova).


The issues which I am trying to solve I think group around:

  • all kinds of anxiety
  • very easily stressed by just about anything
  • dopamine deficit
  • serotonin deficit
  • OCD-like symptoms
  • ADHD-like symptoms
  • possibly methylation issues
  • some allergies and sensitivities (hay, light, sound)

I already know a whole lot, and likely many standard naturopaths and functional medicine practitioners won't be able to tell me much besides what I already know, and will just continue trying to blindly suggest new things to try, which I am already doing myself.


I want someone who has the top levels of experience in such issues, and will be willing to really go in depth of the problem, doing tests which will show what are the imbalances in my body, and then apply a targeted approach instead of trying one supplement after another in the blind.


Also its necessary that the practitioner refrains from suggesting any drugs kind of like Ritalin and similar class of substances, as I am unwilling to go that route. I am committed to solve my issues only with minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and other substances already naturally occurring in the body, or occurring in nature. I will not try anything like Ritalin on Modafinil, as these substances neither occur naturally in the body, nor in nature. Nootropics like CILTEP of course are fine, as they are composed only of substances occurring in nature.


Who would you hire if you had for example 1000 USD or more to spend on a series of consultations, and wanted the best of the best out there, who can find what to tweak to be most optimal and solve the mentioned issues?


I am in Europe, can travel anywhere in Europe, but it would be best if the practitioner can work online on my case, reading a very long description of all my symptoms, read my history of supplementation and diet, and go through large amount of blood and other test results I did already.


  • Jarrow B. Right is a great doctor.

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    s29 thanks for your advice, but your obsession with "Jarrow B Right" being the solution for everything is becoming a bit old. Certainly B-vitamins are needed, but my issue is much more complicated, and a simple B-complex doesn't fix it. I suspect pyroluria, and if it is pyroluria, I might need MUCH higher doses of B-6 then in a complex.


    I tested borderline pyroluria with Biolab.co.uk test:


    Kryptopyrroles 0.07 Units per 1000 mOsmol/Kg

    Corrected for osmolality: 0.06 Units per 1000 mOsmol/Kg

    Lab reference range: pyroluria starts above 0.08 Units.


    But the sample was not shipped in dry ice (as some labs recommend as the hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one molecule is very heat sensitive).


    I have almost the same situation like here (but with even higher hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one level), even the same lab:


    I plan to repeat the test with either



    or both, before I resume taking B-complex supplements and Zinc - the test might show a false negative if I was taking these supplements.


    I am seeking a practitioner who can interpret these tests in the most thorough fashion, and advise on follow-up testing of HPL to monitor high-dosage of B6 and zinc, if needed.


    I am thinking about someone trained under William J. Walsh from this podcast: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/gain-control-of-your-biochemistry-with-william-j-walsh-ph-d-podcast-132/


    There is only one practitioner in the UK, Margo Goldspink from http://www.olivetreeclinic.co.uk/


    The initial tests ("metabolic panel", not sure what's in it), cost 330 GBP (about 500 USD), not sure if that includes initial consultation, or if that is paid extra. Has anyone experience with Margo Goldspink or any other "Walsh Research Institute Certified Practitioner" if it offers good value for money?

  • Hey OmegaTerus, how was your experience using Biolab?  Was it cheap?

    Check out my blog: www.electrichealth.me


    I am seeking a practitioner who can interpret these tests in the most thorough fashion, and advise on follow-up testing of HPL to monitor high-dosage of B6 and zinc, if needed.


    I am thinking about someone trained under William J. Walsh from this podcast: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/gain-control-of-your-biochemistry-with-william-j-walsh-ph-d-podcast-132/


    There is only one practitioner in the UK, Margo Goldspink from http://www.olivetreeclinic.co.uk/


    The initial tests ("metabolic panel", not sure what's in it), cost 330 GBP (about 500 USD), not sure if that includes initial consultation, or if that is paid extra. Has anyone experience with Margo Goldspink or any other "Walsh Research Institute Certified Practitioner" if it offers good value for money?


    Hey, how's it going?


    Sorry for reviving such an old thread but I think I might be able to provide some helpful info for you :-)


    I've met with and been assessed personally by Dr Walsh and am continuing treatment with a physician who has worked with Walsh for >13 years. I am considering seeing him again in March 2016 when he returns to Australia...but in all honesty, the level of care I am receiving from my physician is more than adequate.


    If you begin work with Margo Goldspink, it is likely that she will follow the same initial testing prescribed by Walsh and his training paradigm which is an extension of the work done by the late, great Pfeiffer:

    1. full blood count, 

    2. histamine, 

    3. homocysteine, 

    4. zinc/copper, 

    5. Liver function, (this is the metabolic panel)

    6. urine Kp=kryptopyrrole test 

    7. HTMA (hair analysis looking for heavy metal toxicity amongst other things)


    In addition to that my physician also carried out a few additional tests to assess some other things: CDSA, fasting plasma amino acid assay, 25OHD levels, TIBC and some others I'm probably forgetting now.


    Because the gold standard lab test to assess your methylation situation (determining your SAMe:SAH ratio) is almost impossible to get access to unless you live in the States, they work to deduce function through reverse analysis of homocysteine and urinary kp. From what you have written about already I get the impression that you already understand much of this :-)


    I empathise with you and your current dilemma. I share many of the same symptoms and am also working methodically through a treatment program. There is only so much that I am able to get from the doc when I see him (30 mins always seems to zip by) and have to do a lot of homework in my own time.


    I was diagnosed with pyroluria, a severe zinc:copper imbalance (high copper), low/normal homocysteine, elevated levels of aluminium, mercury, lead and cadmium on my HTMA.


    The first stage of treatment has been to work on correcting the zinc:copper balance (to help prevent the preferential metabolism of l-dopa to norepinepherine) and to provide assistance to correct my SAMe:SAH ratios. The prescription comes as a tailored compounded nutrients script for the AM and PM (differences in each) and SAMe is taken separately. It wouldn't do the process justice if I simply said that I'm taking additional zinc to help reduce the body burden of copper and SAMe to help kick start a portion of the methylation pathway.

    The big kickers come when you begin to combine nutrigenomics over the top of the lab tests above to really start to take things further. I notice you are CBS A360A +/+, what's your CBS C699T out of curiosity? One of the biggest things I'm working on at the moment is to balance my upregulated CBS enzyme(s) as they are really screwing with my transsulfuration pathway. Typically, people with an impacted SAMe:SAH ratio also exhibit elevated levels of homocysteine but in my instance (and possibly yours if CBS C699T is +/- or +/+), homocysteine is being preferentially (and permanently) pulled down the transsulfuration pathway which prevents me from being able to 'recycle' homocysteine to methionine (either via MTR/MTRR or BHMT).

    If your supplement list on the bottom of your signature is accurate, then you're already implementing some shortcuts to support BHMT to help remethylate homocysteine back to methionine (TMG) and you could also try including additional supplements to ease the burden/requirement/usage of SAMe (phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, creatine) to really help get the most 'bang for your buck' out of any SAMe (supplemental or not).

    I would hesitate to say that the ammount of p5p that you're taking will probably be too low due to CBS being dependent on p5p to utilise serine in the conversion of homocysteine to cystathione, ammonia and alpha ketobutyrate. I'm currently taking ~450mg with 150mg of that as p5p if memory serves me and it still isn't enough to help normalise my levels (dream recall is an easy indicator as to whether or not you have enough B6 -- mine was non existent until I started therapy and now I recall possibly 1-2 dreams a week). 


    All of this is pretty 'normal' stuff that you should hopefully be able to discuss with your doctor :-) 

    Don't forget that you can interview potential doctors and pre-screen them by sending them through your inquiries and requests and (proposed) preferential treatment modalities as listed above. I've walked out of a few sessions with doctors in the past because they failed to render services or were not the right match for me. Depending on how the 'system' works in your neck of the woods, it may be perfectly fine to refuse payment in situations like this (it is in Australia) so the most you may lose is some time (ironically, the most expensive intangible known to man...)

    I created a very detailed write up of my medical history (I've been told it's the most thorough introduction many doctors have seen for a new patient) that helped me sift through the chaff. I borrowed heavily from intake forms and templates that physicians request you fill out and merged them together into a very comprehensive document that I would submit with my inquiries for potential physicians.

    BioBalance is the physician training and patient outreach program that runs in Australia. There is a small listing of international physicians who have trained under/with Dr Walsh and they may be able to point you towards more resources for the European region.


    Some targeted resources which you may or may not already have which have helped me tremendously:

    If you did your genetic testing through 23andMe, I highly recommend you pay for the following reports to extract the most from the information:

    MTHFRSupport Variant Report (best and most comprehensive, worth the money as it's always being updated/refined with new stuff)

    Genetic Genie - Detox Profile & Methylation Pathways


    Yasko Methylation Pathway Analysis (Free)


    On nutrigenomics:

    Amy Yasko - Feel Good Nutrigenomics (A good basic introduction to understanding a single pathway (methionine aka the methylation pathway))

    Amy Yasko - Autism: Pathways To Recovery (Expands upon the groundwork in Feel Good Nutrigenomics and explains complex processes and systems in a very approachable manner. I found that there's certain information in this that is missing from the more advanced texts of hers, especially when discussing her approach to treatment, where to start and what to expect along the way. I refer to sections of this book regularly.)

    Amy Yasko - Genetic Bypass (An advanced read that will require your genome to be parsed and the appropriate SNPs available to review in the discussions within the book)

    AMRI Heartfixer Nutrigenomics  (Read in conjunction with Genetic Bypass)


    Others (In no particular order):
    William Walsh - Nutrient Power (Clearly explains the impacts of epigenetics on your individual biochemistry and an in depth discussion on methylation, SAMe:SAH ratios, treatment paradigms, treatment expectations and timelines as well as a whole host of juicy tidbits for various biochemical imbalances and how to address them systematically.)

    Andy Cutler - Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities (If you want to learn how to interpret your own HTMA's and assess the impacts of heavy metals)
    Andy Cutler - Amalgam Illness (Based on my research, this book teaches you the safest way to chelate heavy metals from the body, with an emphasis on mercury)

    CE Gant - ADHD Complementary and Alternative Medicine Solutions (My favourite book that, through the analysis of the scientific literature, clearly demonstrates the link between 8 interrelated systems that can cause people to fall off the wagon. One exceptional area of discussion is on neurotransmitter pathways, how to support them and how to balance them (with clear and easy to understand diagrams as well) Grab a print copy on amazon or an immediate pdf download from http://www.endadd.com/)

    John Brisson - Fix Your Gut (Not only is he an active member of this forum, but his book is comprehensive and covers a lot of ground. It's not very well put together in terms of structure but the information you need is in there. I'm currently using his protocols to treat candida and sibo.)

    Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism - (Clinical textbooks for researching more about this vital topic. You may need/want to supplement this with some textbooks on biochemistry, physiology and anatomy as well.)

    The works of Dr Alex Vasquez on inflammation, dybiosis and clinical care are fantastic but often times go way over my head. I'm still picking my way through his work and an excellent introduction I believe is Mitochondrial Nutrition and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Primary Care, a small subsection from his 1200+ page Inflammation Mastery series.

    Mark Hyman - The UltraMind Solution

    Datis Kharrazian - Why Isn't My Brain Working

    Natasha Campbell-McBride - Gut & Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

    Izabella Wentz - The Root Cause (Thyroid, adrenals and the HPA axis are critically important. Other good books on iodine/thyroid are Brownstein - The Iodine Crisis & Stop The Thyroid Madness)

    Roger Williams - Biochemical Individuality (For an interesting series of reading following the development of modern day biochemical treatments, check out where it all began. Follow this with some select works from Pfeiffer and you'll be able to see how Dr Walsh has evolved the protocols over the years: Carl C Pfeiffer - Nutrition & Mental Illness)


    Hope this helps :-) 

  • Sorry to hash up this old thread but came across whilst looking for practitioner in UK specialising in methylation/nutrigenomics. Did you find anyone in end Omega Terus? Like you have had pyroluria diagnosis in past and lots of tests inc Yasko nutrigenomics but supplementation has been very hit and miss (although been doing myself). Recently read Nutrient Power by Walsh and looking to see practitioner who can tie together.

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