If I'm Not Trying To Lose Weight, Should I Still Skip Breakfast?

I like frying up three/four eggs on (2) on the stove top in a small cast iron skills, in Ghee.  I usually do this around noon after my coffee with Ghee/Coconut Oil,  plus half an avocado, washed down with salad afterwards.  I'm not really trying to lose weight, I'm already skinny; I just want to put healthier food in my body and derive my energy from fat.  Is is necessary to skip breakfast or can I eat this all at once in the morning?  I picked up a hardcover copy of the book recently and it's been a great resource.  I've already been following the diet for a couple of months using the color PDF, although I'm still nailing down the sources of meat/eggs/ghee I will be using.




  • have that breakfast on most days and then skip breakfast a few times a week.

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    have that breakfast on most days and then skip breakfast a few times a week.


    Very good advice. I would say that at minimum you should skip once per week. Fasting has many benefits unrelated to weight loss. It's a good idea for most humans to fast fairly frequently. However I would suggest that you don't fast AND workout or something strenuous until you are adjusted to fasting (I have no issues working out fasted but for like 3 months it was very very difficult).


    I also suggest that some or your fasts not be the kind where you consume 50 grams of fat with your coffee. In general, I think "bulletproof" coffee is only for some people, and definitely not for anyone with any kind of fatigue syndrome.

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