Drinking Bulletproof Coffee And Strange Body Odor

For the past 4-6 months I have been drinking bullet proof coffee while going lower carb and my wife is complaining of a strange (new) body odor I have.


I'm beginning to think that it is tied to the bulletproof coffee because my consumption of bullet proof coffee has ebbed and flowed dependent on my business travel schedule.  Some weeks I'm work at home and consume it nearly every day, some weeks I only drink it on weekends.  When I decrease consumption, my wife notices that the odor tends to go away.  As I increase, the odor comes back after a week or so.


I didn't give much through to this, but I recently have reduced my business travel schedule in increased my consumption of BPC.  Now a week later, my wife again is complaining of the odor.


Any thoughts on this?  Has anyone else experienced this?  Good or Bad side effect?


  • You need to do more testing, diet can play a big part and you've not mentioned that, you've not mention your Bulletproof Coffee ingredients, youlve not mention your exercise routine, you've not mention your hygiene routine.


    Hard to see when it could be so many things or a combination. I've been drinking Bulletproof Coffee for around 3 years and been on a low carb, bulletproof lifestyle too and have noticed I smell less when sweaty and dirty. Although I'm not sure my nose is the best judge of my smell.


    N=1 though!


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  • Some clarifications and additional info.


    My wife indicated that it is more of a breath odor than typical BO from armpits or sweat.


    I don't keep a diet log, but I can provide generalities.


    Around the time I started trying bullet proof coffee I adopted more of a bullet proof diet approach (although not low enough carbs to become keto).  The biggest change is that I introduced more meat and poultry into my diet and cut dramatically down on carbs.  I suspect that maybe my ratio of meat/poultry to veggies is off - to much meat/veggies.


    But then again, the odor seems to go away when I quit on BPC.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 

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    I doubt that I'm going into Ketosis, since I'm low carb - but not nearly carb free.


    However - I have been occasionally doing intermittent fasting using BPC.  I wonder if my low carb diet combined with intermittent fasting is occasionally dipping me into Ketosis during the fast causing some symptoms like bad breath.

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