Phenylpiracetam Or Aniracetam For Anxiety

I have read up on these two racetam's trying to decide which one to go with, or I should say go with first I know that different ones work for some people and not for others. I really just want something to help with anxiety/social anxiety/OCD and mood. Iv tried kratom and phenibut and didn't get much from them.


I don't currently take any supplements besides nutritional yeast, if you consider that a supplement. I am 185 lbs, 6'0 and workout almost everyday. I also read about choline, I eat 2 eggs and toast every morning.... I don't have a prob with abusing drugs and i am just looking to use a racetame maybe twice a week.....



Powder-city is where I would most likely order from. Thanks


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I believe Powder City has a sampler pack with a few of the racetams in it... probably the best place to start if you really want to try them out. People respond differently to these things so it's hard to say which one would be better to try...  most likely you'll need to try it out yourself and see.

  • Aniracetam all day and tomorrow for anxiety.
  • I use to take aniracetam but it really didn't do anything for the anxiety. I took it out of my stack. Today I received phenylpiracetam in pill form. First time taking pills since I use a scale. I'm going to try it for a week, and see how it goes. Start with 100mg a day. I wanted to add it to my stack that i currently on Oxi / pramiracetam / Choline. 


    I need it for when i study, for exam coming up in a few weeks.

  • Aniracetam has very powerful anxiolytic properties.  Experiment to find your personal minimum effective dose and I recommend supplementing choline (Alpha GPC or like).  Phenylpiracetam is equally powerful, and requires smaller doses, but I think it may have the opposite effect you're seeking.  I perceive a much more noticeable stimulating effect with the Phenyl vs. Aniracetam.   Personally, I take both of them for the synergistic effects - Focused, but sociable.  Stimulated, but not anxious.    Also, I typically use the Phenyl during the work week but take the Aniracetam every day.



    If I had to choose one racetam, I'd personally go with Aniracetam.

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    For anxiety, especially anxiety that stems from social interactions I would recommend going with Aniracetam. Aniracetam has always been one of my favourite Racetams due to the noticeable benefits I would get in regards to verbal fluidity and impromptu speaking.

    Phenylpiracetam is something I primarily would recommend for those intense study sessions where you need to remain focused for a couple hours on a task or subject. Great for going and getting a cup of coffee while studying up on something.


  • Dose aniracetam around 750mg a 2-3x/day worked very well for me especially after a couple weeks of continuous use.  Eat 0-12+ egg yolks/day depending on how you feel with the aniracetam. Try not to eat more than 3-4 hard boiled eggs a day


    Stop taking nutritional yeast, and take basic vitamins with a healthy fat low carb diet.  


    Take 40g+ glutamine a day from a reputable brand such as Now Foods or Jarrows Formula: this helps with the low carb intake, and helps your recovery from working out every day.


    Get pastured eggs and eat more of them.


    Phenibut is a good gaba agonist, just be careful with it.


    Order from, use the code reddit for 10% off. Their products and packaging are higher quality than powder city.

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    SDfT carries Phenibut now, I haven't given it a try as of yet (mostly because I remember reading in the past that the tolerance to it builds up quickly) but that may change soon enough since they also have Fasoracetam (which is supposed to help lower ones tolerance to phenibut, from what I've read). Anyone else hear that Fasoracetam can lower tolerance to Phenibut, or is that something I should disregard

  • Going on 2 weeks on taking phenylpiracetam . I take mine in the morning and it helps. Been taking it from M-F every morning. Weekend I don't take it, but i notice it has it's good days and bla days. I did a mistake of taking it late in the afternoon with some oxiracetam and man i felt off. Couldn't remember much and stuff. Now i make sure i take mine in them morning and only in the morning. Currently i have stacked it with other nootropics. My current stacks below. 


    100mg Phenylpiracetam - morning (9am)

    550mg Oxiracetam - after lunch  (1pm)


    When i do most of my study at night

    300mg pramiracetam night time (9pm)

    250mg Choline (9pm)


    100mg 5-HTP before bed (11 or 12pm)  



    Trying to find the perfect stack for my studies. 

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    wish i would have found this forum out long time thinking of oding oxi/alph gpc in morn then ciltep at noon i wanna try luie77 stack

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