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Hello Bulletproofers,

I am searching for someone in the SF Bay area that has access to an EEG who is willing to mentor my son in neurofeedback.  He has an idea for a science fair project that, only because I've listened to so many Bulletproof podcasts, I believe has legs.


The idea (without giving his whole project away) has to do with looking at the affect music has on the brain.  How does listening to music look compared to playing it?  Compared to simply thinking about it?  Are there unique patterns associated with specific pitches? ....


I think this is something quite possible to ferret out with EEG, but I have no experience or knowledge about how it really works, but someone out there does!


My son is 14 and his ideas about thoughts, the brain, and music have been stirring his interest for several months now.  He is writing down his ideas and I am trying to help lead him to the resources to answer his questions.  I am betting that a couple of hours with someone well versed in EEG would really help him bridge the gap from ideas to actionable hypotheses.


Please let me know if you would be willing to even just show him a machine and talk about the kinds of data you get out of it.  Huge bonus would be to let him bounce his ideas off you.  Of course I would be present, either online or in person.


Many thanks for advice or direction,




  • For what it's worth, I rented a machine from a woman, Jean, in Cleveland, Ohio. I realize that isn't exactly close to SF, but she does rent machines to anywhere in the country.


    I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you and your son about anything-neurofeedback related. She's incredibly smart, and has worked with kids a lot in the past. You can contact her here:


    Side note: It sounds like you have a pretty AWESOME son! :-)

  • NatNat
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    Good luck! Sounds like an awesome product.


    I am not local to this area, and my suggestion would be 'cold calling.' You will be surprised how many people will be willing to help.. I would suggest contacting local universities or community colleges around where you live. Email or phone. Psychology departments often have access to neurofeedback. If this doesn't work, start emailing local Shrinky Dinks.


    With this type of early motivation, your son is about to be one successful dude.

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  • Thanks for your responses! We are going to start hitting up the universities. There is also a sleep lab where I work... I'm hoping they might have some tools that he could use.

    Thanks again! Seems like we are on the right track.
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