Bp Coffee, Butyrate From Butter Lowers Cholesterol?

Just 1 week into the BulletProof diet.  Feeling great, but not much weight loss yet.  Watching my keto-strips yoyo a bit (in Keto midday and evening, but not overnight somehow).


Anyways, I have high LDL and low HDL (39), which was tested just 1 week prior to starting.  I've always had this.  I also have high-normal Triglycerides and blood-glucose at 95.  This is my constant pattern tested many times across the years.


I'm aware that raising HDL should be more important than lowering LDL, and there's some conflict about whether or not LDL is really so important.  But I know that most folks who follow BP diet end up raising LDL (bad?) along with higher HDL (good).


Just today I bumped into the fact that butyrate actually lowers LDL, which has me intrigued.  Also, there's the resistant starch pre-biotics which help the gut produce Butyrate.  I'm going to wait for stable results on BP diet before expeirmenting with the resistant starch.


So, I'm now intrigued with getting more Butyrate into my diet, since I can get the higher HDL along with lower LDL, which sounds healthy (maybe?).


Any opinions on this?  Just how much of the various good fats are present in Kerrygold butter anyways?  How much CLA and Butyrate?  Would Ghee (made from Kerrygold) have a better or worse content?


Any ideas?




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