Please Rate My Stack For Study And Focus


After some modafinil skin reaction, I stopped to take it and changed everything. 

I'm little lazy and procrastinator...


What to u think about my stack?

Piracetam 1600mg

Rhodiola Rosea 400mg

Eleuthero 150mg

Coenzyme Q10 + Bioperine - 200mg 

Alcar - 250mg

Ginkgo biloba - 100mg

Creatine monohydrate - 4 grams per day


Its been difficult to me to find CDP-choline in Brazil. Any suggestions? Alpha GPC?

Any other suggestions? Bacopa? Lion's mane? Ashwagandha?


  • Hi, I am on a similar Path but have a stack without racetams so far:


    Why dont you add Guarana? As far as I know works good with Ginseng (Eleutrho).


    Have you found any conclusive studies for Alcar? I haven't and therefore don't have it in my stack. i am also not sure about Gingko.


    Do you have any links/information on Creatine for mental performance?

    I thoughts its just for athletic peformance?!?


    I would strongly add Bacopa (good studies and its also in alpha brain) and I think Ashwagandha is also recommended by dave just for overall stress etc.

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