Minerals And Parasites

I've been taking trace mineral supplements from LEF, concen trace and and extra moly for about 5 months now. I have taken multi's before then for over a year and I am looking to save money on these because I don't believe they are needed every day after a certain point. As a student money is an issue so I can't afford to check my mineral status atm, but has anyone any experience with this who could say what my status might be like and whether I should do something else?


I would like to replace the minerals with RS, fibre and probiotics and use those or something else with the savings. I have skin issues - some permanent pimples around my temples. I want to rearrange my stack so I can fix that. 


I would like to throw in SOD some days to b/c my anti-oxidant status isn't that good and a nootropic for study. I have a few I've looked at and will post later. 


Any advice would be appreciated. 




  • Your digestion is probably messed up.  What does your diet look like?  How regular are you?

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    I've been eating about around 200g of protein because I'm body-building and I've been doing that for about 3-4+ months now with very little variation. White rice, mince, butter and in the last month or so 3 cans of sardines a day. I'm doing ketosis the last 2 weeks b/c sleep was a bit of an issue the last 3-6(idk) weeks and am currently adding high quality coconut oil and some 80% chocolate and some beetroot which seems to be bringing the stool forming bacteria back...regular: everyday/morning...The last time I got much fibre must have been about 6 months ago when I stopped eating beans. I take enzymes at meals.    

  • If I were in your situation, I would try to diversify my diet and include more vegetable sources with variable digestion rates.  If your only carbohydrate source is rice (and the sardine bones are also prebiotic) while taking enzymes, you are favoring the bacteria in the upper GI.  You should consider cycling off the enzymes slowly and making sure that you do not pass undigested food.  


    Beans are a double edge sword.  They feed a lot of good bacteria, but they also damage the gut lining.  If you are bodybuilding and lifting heavy, you are probably pretty regular, so you can afford to eat more fermentable starches minimizing your risk of LPS entering the blood.


    Also, if you are lifting heavy, you need magnesium and lots of it.  Given your diet and activity level, it would be a miracle if you were not deficient.  This will have way more bang-for-your-buck than SOD.

  • I think I have enough Mg, W.A. Price recommends 3-10 mg/Lbs a day and I get at least 1200mg a day from citrate(i take 5 200 mg/day), ionic drops and food.  


    Beans would be a regression, I'd rather get RS or something for the gut to help the skin benefits and whatever else the bacteria further down does. 

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