A New Biohack

Wondering what people think of this new light gadget which is supposedly not only great for jet lag, but for energy throughout the day as well? 




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    The sun is safe. $270?! 

  • Unfortunately, some of us don't live in sunny climates all your round, so getting sun during the cold winter months is not very possible. I thought this seems like a good option.
  • Hey Eilee, the Valkee has been around for a number of years now. It's pretty much been exposed as a complete scam. http://earlightswindle.com/story.htm 


    They've been trying to validate their oversized claims and have yet to do so imo. The 'study' they site is of questionable quality in a low impact journal. Their device is actually just two 448nm LEDs emitting 4.3mW of power at 1cm away. You could purchase similar LEDs for about $2 instead of $269 if you really wanted to test it out. =)


    Here's the "study":  www.humancharger.com/r/study/


    Sorry, the quotes got a little messed up in the copying/pasting but they should give you an idea of the device and results.


     "Interestingly, a significant effect of TBL was not observed until post-travel day 4, which may indicate a cumulative effect of the TBL treatment."


    "The TBL group reported a significantly lower VAS score on post-travel days 4 and 5 ( P 5  0.0071 and P 5  0.0403, respectively) and a trend toward significance on post-travel day 6 ( P 5  0.0685) compared with the placebo group."


    "The bright light (luminous fl ux: 3.5 lm; illuminance:9100 lux measured at a distance of 1 cm; irradiance: 4.3 mW ∙ cm 2 2  measured at a distance of 1 cm; photon density:1.13 3  10 16  photons ∙ cm 2 2  ∙ s 2 1  ) was produced using white LEDs with a peak in the short-wavelength blue region at 448 nm."

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