Why Isn't This Working?!

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Hi all,


I've been doing a combination of keto/IF/bulletproof fasting for about five months now. After having done paleo for almost three years (and never even considering macros) I decided to try keto and eventually introduced intermittent fasting. I was hoping after this long I'd start to see some results but after so much trial and error, I can't figure out what to do next. I'm 23, 5'4 and around 130 pounds (though not entirely sure because I never use a scale) and mostly want to rid myself of stubborn belly fat that I've been trying to work off for years. I work out 4-5 days a week (CrossFit style workouts but at a globo gym :/) at pretty high intensity and also do yoga once or twice a week. I'm eating around 2100 calories a day - about 140g fat (70%), 90g protein (20%) and staying at or under 50g net carbs (10%). I am constantly doing research to try and find relatable scenarios but knowing that each person's experience is unique, I'm having a hard time finding the right answers for myself. Any help is much appreciated!


Thanks in advance!



  • Don't you know that over excersise is harmful. You don't go to a right ways. Please learn about it and then test it. Otherwise you can be injuried.

  • Thanks for the input - I don't feel like I'm overexercising since I'm making sure to eat plenty. Based on all the research I've done on keto, it seemed possible to keep training while consuming a high fat diet but since I haven't seen results after a few months I will try to balance out my diet with more carbs.

  • You might be putting too much stress on your system.  This is why cortisol was mentioned in the first reply to your post.  You need to let your body recover from working out.

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    I don't think you are overtraining at all, but you would recover well and see better results if you swapped half of that fat for carbs. There is the kind of exercise one can do in keto, and there is intense training that you better don't try in keto. If you enjoy training, there is no need to cut back on it as long as you recover.

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